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Specialist Medical Negligence Solicitors

Our medical negligence specialist solicitors are dedicated in providing specialist legal advice and assistance for anyone who has been injured as a result of clinical negligence. If you have suffered as a result of medical negligence, be it physically or psychologically, our sympathetic team of no win no fee solicitors could help you seek compensation.

Suffering from any kind of serious injury can be tormenting. Discovering your condition has deteriorated, or been made worse by medical intervention can aggrieve you to the point the mental trauma becomes far worse than the pain itself. Medical negligence cases are thankfully quite rare, but mistakes do happen. Unfortunately hospital negligence happens in many hospitals in the UK not just NHS hospitals but also in private hospitals. Our medical negligence solicitors have experience with a broad range of clinical negligence claims, including:

  •   Cerebral palsy claims
  •   Brain injury claims
  •   Birth injuries
  •   Cosmetic procedures
  •   Misdiagnoses and wrongly prescribed medication
  •   Spinal injury
  •   Eye surgery claims
  •   Cases involving GP’s, nurses and similar care providers.

If the nature of your claim differs to those above, contact one of our specialist legal advisers for advice. This list is not exhaustive, and there are many other types of medical negligence for which we may be able to claim compensation.

Fighting Your Corner For Maximum Compensation

Nothing can ever compensate for the devastation caused by medical negligence, however remuneration can and does alleviate a little of the financial burden during an uncertain time. Loss of earnings and costs for specialist medical care are damages commonly sought in conjunction with a medical negligence claim, often separately to the compensation amount. Our expert medical negligence claims solicitors have built strong rapports with care providers, medical specialists and counselors, meaning we could help to arrange immediate support depending on the circumstances of your case.

Medical Negligence Lawyers and No Win No Fee Expertise

Our medical negligence solicitors have enabled thousands of UK-based clinical negligence victims secure recompense for injury and loss, with the peace of mind that our service is 100% costless and dedicated to improving quality of life for the long-term. We offer our services on a transparent no win no fee basis, with all costs recovered from the insurance company of the party at fault. Even if you believe your case may be too difficult to prove, we may still be able to help.

Our medical negligence lawyers deal with many different types of hospital and GP claims even if you are unsure if you have a claim its worth getting free advice to see if you can claim compensation.

We pride ourselves on building supportive relationships with our clients; therefore trust and confidentiality remain at the forefront of our concerns.

If you feel uncertain about pursuing a medical negligence claim due to the complex nature of our case, speak to one of our helpful clinical negligence solicitors today. You can contact us via the online form to arrange a convenient time to call, or contact us directly by phone via our free phone number provided above. All calls are treated with strict confidentiality and our advice is free, without obligation.