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A Discourse on Preeclampsia and how it can raise Pregnancy Related Claims

pregnancy injury claimsIn the United Kingdom, every year, thousands of mothers and babies are impacted by the medical condition known as preeclampsia. The life threatening medical condition occurs at the time of pregnancy and during the postpartum period. In many cases, the problem is recognized on time and preventive measures are taken eliminate the risks associated with the issue. When the negligence and careless attitude of the doctors make the patient suffer from the complications following preeclampsia, pregnancy injury claims can be filed in the court of law. The UK legal system is sympathetic towards the mothers and the babies who have been the victim of pregnancy injuries and allows them to legally make claims for compensation.

Preeclampsia: Defining the Term

Preeclampsia is the name given to the medical condition that is characterized by a rapid increase in the blood pressure of the would-be mothers. There are many other complications that the patient of preeclampsia can develop. In certain instances, the blood pressure becomes so high that it results in stroke, seizure, multiple organ failure and in the worst cases death of the mother and/or the child.  However, high blood pressure can be the only symptom of preeclampsia. The doctor needs to prescribe a urine test to ensure if his patient is subjected to the aforementioned medical condition. If the urine test results show high amounts of protein in the urine, then the doctor might suspect preeclampsia. A pregnant woman needs to see the obstetrician at least once every month for a normal pregnancy till the third trimester. The urine needs to be examined each time a pregnant woman visits her doctor. It is done to ensure that there are no symptoms of preeclampsia. If there are symptoms of Preeclampsia, but the doctor ignores it and the patient and/or her child suffers due to it, pregnancy-related clinical negligence compensation claims can be filed.

Warning Signs of Preeclampsia

Here are some of the symptoms that are common noticed in the patients suffering from preeclampsia.

  • Severe headaches
  • Vision problems
  • Inflammation of hands and feet
  • Upper abdominal pain
  • Rapid weight gain

Pregnancy causes a number of changes in the body. Some of the aforementioned symptoms are common to both normal pregnancy and preeclampsia. However, if these symptoms occur, the obstetrician should keep an eye on the patient to ensure that it is not a case of preeclampsia. If the obstetrician fails to maintain the standard of care and his lack of responsibility makes the patient suffer from the complications caused by preeclampsia, the victim can drag the concerned doctor to the court and claim compensation from him.

Discussing the Risk Factors of Preeclampsia

In most of the cases, preeclampsia happens in late pregnancy. It impacts about 5-10% women. In very rare cases, it happens after pregnancy. The preeclampsia patients with uncontrollably high blood pressure are most likely to give birth to their babies earlier than the desired time. The babies born to preeclampsia patients need intensive care since they are mostly premature. The risk factors of the disease include:

  • Preeclampsia History: A personal or family history of preeclampsia raises your risk of suffering from the medical condition.
  • First Pregnancy: During the first pregnancy, the risk of preeclampsia happens to be the highest.
  • Age: Women younger than twenty and older than forty are more susceptible to the above mentioned condition.
  • Multiple Pregnancies: Preeclampsia is mostly noticed in the ladies carrying twins or more.
  • Obesity: The risk of preeclampsia is higher in the women who are obese.

Why Do You Need Legal Support Following Preeclampsia Negligence?

There are a large number of reasons that might prompt you to seek legal assistance following Preeclampsia negligence. Some of the common causes have been enumerated below:

  • An expert solicitor would be able to handle the case better than the victim because in most cases the victim is a layman with little or no knowledge about how the clinical negligence law operates in the United Kingdom.
  • A solicitor usually takes a methodical approach to assess the case, determine the winning chances and then frame up the plan of action.
  • Being a professional in the field, the solicitor would be able to deal with the case more professionally.

It is always advisable to find out a medical negligence solicitor who is a veteran in the field.

How to Judge if a Lawyer is Reliable?

There are a number of ways that you can use to determine the reliability of a clinical negligence solicitor. They are:

  • Try to avail the legal support of a clinical negligence lawyer who is in the employee list of a reputed law firm in the United Kingdom.
  • Check the credentials of the lawyer and check if he has years of experience in handling similar cases.
  • Check if his success rates in similar cases are high.

Sometimes, even the reputable lawyer do not show much patience listen to a case. It is important to get hold of a law expert who will patiently listen to the entire story and why you accuse your doctor of the negligent act. Apart from experience and expertise, a medical negligence lawyer should have full sympathy over his client. He should have the skill to instill the self-confidence in his client and drive him successfully throughout the legal proceedings.

No Win No Fee Lawyers: The Benefits of Availing Their Service in a Pregnancy Related Injury Negligence Case

The no win no fee system has made the victims of medical negligence get access to justice without shelling out much from their pocket. Under this legal system, the victims do not need to pay their solicitors until and unless the law professionals help them win the deserved amount of compensation. Thus, payment of the lawyers needs to be offered only in case of a win and that too is extracted from the losing party. However, the lawyers offering their services on no win no fee basis take on cases only if the wining possibilities of the cases are high.

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