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A Step by Step Guide to Complain Negligence of a Hospital

"clinical negligence"The increasing number of medical negligence cases, while are becoming major preoccupation of the UK government and the top command has unanimously agreed that a solution to the situation needs to be sorted out immediately; on the other hand, it is also important to start the correction process from the segments that need prior attention. Medical negligence is a comprehensive term and hospital negligence comprises a major portion of it. Reducing the rate of such cases is a constructive approach to reduce the cost of compensation amount paid to the aggrieved parties. However, filing compensation claim against a hospital or any other medical institution isn’t exactly same as lodging a general medical negligence claim. There are certain intricacies and strategic approaches that you should be aware about.

Organizations that May Help:

Lodging a claim for compensation against negligence of hospital authority is a lengthy and complicated process but some organizations may help you out when it comes to quality guidance. The two most effective of such institutes are:

  • The Patients Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) take active part in providing information, consultation and assistance to patients and families.
  • Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS) function beyond control of the NHS and provide you with the assistance in terms of formulating the complaint, organizing meetings and explaining the options you can avail.

Steps to Sue a Hospital for Acts of Negligence:

A compensation claim for hospital negligence can be raised against a healthcare providing authority, provided that a patient feels that the hospital hasn’t been careful enough in delivering him with requisite facilities or there have been some problems with the treatment procedure or his health condition was wrongly diagnosed. The following steps would function as the foundation when it comes to understanding the correct procedure and address the situation legally. However, in the UK, the time limitation for filing a clinical negligence compensation claim is three year. So, you need to make sure that the proposal for compensation is raised within the specified time frame. The essential steps that comprise the process include:

  • If you think that consequences of an act of negligence have occurred while you are still admitted within the hospital, encounter the professionals who are attending you and lodge a complaint formally. Along with this, if you can deliver information concerning your treatment or any process that was planned since before, your argument will surely receive a strong foundation.
  • Make sure that the hospital authority has handed over all medical records. This is your right to receive access to those documents, whereas in order to get the medical notes, the authority may charge you a small amount.
  • Make sure that the claim for hospital negligence against the healthcare service providing institute has been raised within three years since the day of occurrence of the incident or the first time that the situation became poignant.
  • In order to prove the negligence factor, make sure to provide such evidences that would emphasize on reluctance or incompetence of the hospital in providing requisite treatment facilities and problems you suffered are actually consequences of the same flaw.

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