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An Improper Laser Eye Surgery Can Earn You High Compensation

When a Laser Surgery is Unsuccessful Due to Doctor’s Error

Laser eye surgery has gained huge popularity over the last few decades. Many people in the United Kingdom try out this surgery to correct their vision problems. Those who undergo this surgical procedure do not have to wear contact lenses or glasses anymore. In the initial days of its introduction, laser "surgical injury claim"surgery was not something that a common man could afford. Now, with more advancement surgeries coming up, laser surgery has become more affordable and now most people can try out this advanced surgical procedure. In most instances, the ophthalmologists are successful in performing the surgery with attention, care and expertise. However, the doctors are human beings and they can commit errors. But, an error on the part of the ophthalmologist, no matter how minor it is, can turn out to be devastating for the patient undergoing the laser surgery. If you have been through to such an experience, you can consider filing a clinical negligence claim against the concerned ophthalmologist.

Exploring the Various Sorts of Laser Eye Surgery

Basically, there are two types of laser ophthalmic surgery. They include LASIK and LASEK. These are the most common eye surgery procedures. Other than these surgeries, there are other types of laser eye surgeries as well. They are Wavefront laser surgery, Epi-LASIK, PRK and IntraLase LASIK surgery. These procedures are modified forms of LASIK and LASEK operations. These laser eye surgery procedures have been discussed below in detail:

  • LASIK and LASEK: The full form of LASIK is Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, while the LASEK stands for Laser Assisted Sub-epithelial Keratomileusis.  The LASIK surgery is used to rectify all sorts of vision problems. It uses a laser for thinning out the cornea after a flap is made using a specialized blade known as microkeratome. In LASEK, a laser is used for reshaping the cornea. A trephine is used to slice the cornea to pull back a small flap of epithelium.
  • PRK (Photo Refractive Keratectomy): PRK or Photo Refractive Keratectomy, whatever you called it, uses a laser to alter the surface of cornea. The laser removes the epithelium.     Epi-lasik is quite similar to LASIK surgery. But, it pulls back the epithelial much before the laser is used on the cornea.
  • Intralase: Intralase is the name given to the eye surgery procedure that uses laser all through the surgery.
  • Laser Corneal Reshaping: Laser Corneal Reshaping operations use Wavefront Technology for rectifying eye problems.

The laser eye surgery can prove highly effective in treating eye problems, lowering dependency on glasses and contact lenses. In case of an errorneous surgery, the patient can file a case against the ophthalmologist who performed the operation and claim clinical negligence compensation from him.

Effects of Faulty Laser Eye Surgery

The effects of faulty laser the surgery can be dangerous. It can give rise to a large number of eye-related problems like dry eyes and vision problems during the night. These problems can make you incapable of working at night time or in the dim light. In serious cases, improper laser eye surgery can cause corneal estasia, a condition which is marked by the creation of fluid pressure on the eyes. Patients might require a corneal transplant to treat the problem.

There are several reasons can lead to a clinical negligence related to laser eye surgery. Some of the prime reasons behind an erroneous ophthalmic surgery have been enumerated below:

  • Use of faulty surgical equipments
  • Distraction of the doctor during the surgery
  • Inadequate advice on the complications that might rise after the surgery
  • Incomplete corrections of the visual problems
  • Diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK)
  • Keratectasia
  • Decentered ablations
  • Keratoconus

No matter what is the reason behind a faulty operation, you can consult medical negligence solicitors and take actions against the concerned doctor and demand compensation from him.

What needs to be proved to win the Claims?

The medical negligence solicitors representing the victims of faulty laser eye surgeries need to prove that the standard of care has dropped and it is the lack of attention of the physician that lead to a disastrous surgery. The lawyers also need to show that their clients have to suffer serious consequences due to the doctors’ errors. The seriousness of the problems caused due to negligence will serve as an important factor influencing the amount of compensation.

Every ophthalmologist possesses a duty of care towards his patients. It is a part of his responsibility to ensure that the patients undergoing laser surgery are safe and fit after the operation. In order to avoid faulty operations, you need to get your surgery done by a reputed surgeon. A reputed eye surgeon is usually qualified and have proper training and years of experience needed to perform the operation in a successful manner. A good surgeon always ensures that his patients know about the risks of the surgery and the complications that might occur after the surgery. He should also inform about the alternatives that can be opted. He usually offers you sufficient cooling off period so that you can comfortably choose your course of action. An ophthalmologist failing to undertake these responsibilities can be sued.

Out-of-the-court Settlement Can Be Made

There are many instances where the laser surgery negligence cases have been solved out of the court. You can ask your lawyer to approach the accused party and propose an out-of-the-court settlement. The eye surgeon accepts his guilt and is ready to settle the case out of the court; the solicitor will propose an amount that needs to be paid to compensation your loss. The guilty party can negotiate the proposed amount of compensation. If the guilty party is not ready to accept the faults, the case will go for trial.

Importance of Consulting Medical Negligence Solicitors

If you have sustained a faulty laser eye surgery, you can contact a medical negligence solicitor who is experienced and uses a practical approach to claim compensation for the medical negligence related to laser eye surgery. The laws concerning ophthalmic surgery negligence are critical and expert interpretation of the legal issues concerning the eye surgery negligence is required for the filing of successful claims. The victims of erroneous laser surgery can get in touch with reputed law firms in the United Kingdom and go through the profiles of some of the best medical negligence solicitors employed under these law firms.

How Much Compensation can you Claim after Suffering Laser Surgery Negligence?

There are several factors that would influence the amount of compensation following laser surgery negligence. Some of these factors are:

  • The type of problems who have been subjected to.
  • The level of seriousness of your injury.
  • The expected time of recovery.
  • The medical expenses involved in treating the problems caused by negligent operation.
  • The long term effects of the negligence on your health.
  • Loss of earning due to the wrong surgery.

What Would the Compensation Cover?

The compensation received after winning a wrong laser eye surgery case will cover:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of comfort and convenience due to the wrong surgery.
  • Inability to lead normal life due to the faulty operation.
  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Loss of earning

How Can A Medical Negligence Solicitor Help You?

A specialist medical negligence solicitor will examine your case; go through all the medical notes provided by the doctor before and after the surgery and say about how strong are your claims. He will tell you if your case is worth filing. You can consult him and ask for an estimate of the compensation that you can expect on winning the case.

How to Choose the Best Solicitor?

With so many solicitors dealing with medical negligence claims in the United Kingdom, it is often difficult to track the right person who will be confident to file and win your clinical negligence claims. It is important to get the assistance of a reputed solicitor to improve the chances of winning the case. The reputed lawyers are usually sympathetic and they have in-depth knowledge and training about how to deal with a particular case. They make sure that their clients get the right amount of compensation to recompense the losses suffered due to wrong treatment.

Internet is the best platform to find reputed solicitors. You need to scan through the web world to find out a number of medical negligence solicitors in the United Kingdom and then shortlist some of them. You need to check the profiles of the shortlisted law professionals and get an idea about their work experience in the medical negligence field. The lawyers with several years of experience are likely to be better than the lawyers who are novice in the field. The success rates would also help you identify a good lawyer. It is always advisable to go for the lawyers with high success rates. You can also flip through the local directories to find expert solicitors.

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