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Anaesthetic Injury Claims

Have you, or a member of your family suffered from complications associated with anaesthetic whilst undergoing a surgical or dental procedure? Anaesthetic NegligenceIf you believe these complications were somehow associated with the negligence of your doctor, anaesthetist or dentist, there’s a good chance our medical negligence solicitors will be able to assist you with filing a no win no fee claim against the person responsible. We have successfully recovered compensation for a wide range of anaesthetic related claims, including those involving anaesthetic awareness, so if you believe you have case, we want to help. Contact us for a no obligation case assessment using the online form provided.

Our medical negligence solicitors handle a wide range of anaesthetic related claims brought about by negligence and human error, including those caused by:

• Failure to refer to patient records to check for known allergies.
• Errors in calculating the correct dosage before surgery.
• Inadequate monitoring of patient’s pulse, heart rate or respiration.
• Failure to administer a blood-thinning drug before surgery.
• Administering an epidural to the wrong area of the spine.
• Incorrect dosage leading to ‘awake awareness’, or sensation during surgery.
• Errors during intubation or administration of an anaesthetic.

Before the advent of patient monitoring equipment, administering an anaesthetic for even the most routine operation was a risky gamble. Often, surgeons would rely on physical signs, such as the regularity of a patient’s pulse, to ensure his/ her condition remained stable. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then; machines able to accurately monitor a patient’s vital signs throughout a surgical procedure. But even state-of-the-art technology cannot always prevent complications, and while rare, they can often have catastrophic consequences for the person being treated.

If you have suffered due to the negligence of an anaesthetist, and would like advice on how to go about starting a claim, simply complete the enquiry form online and one of our clinical negligence solicitors will call you straight back. If you’d prefer to arrange a more convenient time for us to call, please do let us know when submitting your enquiry.

Injuries Caused By Anaesthetic Negligence Errors

Medical professionals commonly use one of two types of anaesthetic for a surgical procedure: local or general. The type of anaesthetic to be used Anaesthetic Injuriesis often determined by the invasiveness of a surgical procedure; local anaesthetic tends to be used for minimally invasive procedures, whereas general anaesthetic is relied upon for surgeries that take longer, and require closer patient monitoring. While rare, complications involving the wrongful and delayed administration of anaesthetic have been known to occur, and are usually the result of medical error or negligence.

Anaesthetic errors can lead to a wide range of conditions and situations that may be dangerous, or detrimental to patient health. These include:

• Hypoxic Anoxic brain injury
• Adult Respiratory Distress Disorder
• Intubation related throat injuries
• Lung collapse and failure
• Cardiac failure
• Nerve and tissue damage
• Anaesthetic awareness
• Sensation during surgery
• Psychological trauma
• Organ damage and failure
• Disability and fatal injury

Claiming For Anaesthetic Negligence

Anaesthetic related claims are among the most difficult types of medical negligence cases to prove, owing to the skill and experience of hospital and dental anaesthetists. Many claims brought for errors involving anaesthesia are refuted on the grounds that medical staff were acting in the best interests of the patient. For your claim to be considered, your solicitor must prove that this wasn’t the case, and that a competent anaesthetist wouldn’t have made the same mistake. Proving that negligence occurred is one thing. If your claim is to be successful, your appointed solicitor will need to demonstrate that negligence, and nothing else, was the primary causation of your suffering. Obtaining proof can be challenging, however, is relatively easy with the right solicitor. Your solicitor may request a copy of your medical records, and seek the expert opinion of a medical specialist to corroborate the details of your injuries. Many patients can suffer a anaesthetic injury when getting surgery in a hospital Surgery injury claims against hospital are also very common.

No Win No Fee Anaesthetic Negligence Compensation Claims

Our sympathetic medical negligence solicitors understand you can’t put a price on human suffering, nor the devastating effects of medical negligence upon other areas of your life. That being said, compensation has been known to help families who have struggled financially in the aftermath of an incident, allowing them to pay for private treatment and care without worrying about taking out loans or remortgaging their homes. We’re committed to recovering no less than 100% compensation for every client, and because there are no fees payable for our time, you get to keep the full amount we recover.

For an idea of how much your claim could be worth, or to speak to one of our advisers about your entitlement to claim, call us free on the helpline number above to discuss your case. Our solicitors will be happy to conduct a free assessment of your case, at no cost to you.