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Assessing the Role of Medical Negligence Solicitor in Handling a Cataract Surgery Negligence Case

Hundreds and thousands of people undergo cataract surgery in the United Kingdom. Cataract is one of the common eye disorders suffered by the UK people. The older people are usually affected by cataract. In the United Kingdom, more than half of the people between 70-80 years have a cataract or have had undergone a cataract operation. Cataract surgery involves a complex "medical negligence solicitor"surgical procedure and thus should undergo with care. Though the United Kingdom boasts of high success rates in cataract surgery, mistake occurs. If a mistake, no matter how big or small it is, happens during a cataract surgery and the patient undergoing the surgery suffers pains and damages due to the mistake, he can hire legal support and file a medical negligence claim. Availing the services of a medical negligence solicitor is important in this instance because the professional will be able to help the patient to get the best deserved compensation.

As per NHS Statistics, there are many instances of cataract surgery negligence in the United Kingdom where the error committed by the surgeon caused great sufferings and, in certain instances, even permanent damages to the eyes of the patient who underwent the operation. If you have sustained a cataract surgery medical negligence in recent times, you can consider filing a clinical negligence case against the negligent surgeon and demand financial compensation from him. The monetary compensation will not heal the wound and damages caused by the surgical errors but will help the patient to bear the expenses needed for further treatment and rehabilitation. Moreover, the compensation might help the victims to recompense the loss of earnings, if any.

The NHS is free to all people and where your case is an emergency or not, you have the right to demand a standard level of care to recover as soon as you can. A doctor failing to provide best possible care and committing a mistake in conducting a cataract surgery in the designated manner can be sued. Filing a cataract operation negligence claim can be an effective means to remind the negligent doctor about his negligence.

A Short Discussion on Cataract Problems

Before going into any further detail of cataract surgery negligence, let us talk about cataract in some detail. Cataract is the name given to the condition where opacity in the eye lens leads to impaired eyesight. It is one of the common eye problems suffered by the majority of people in the United Kingdom and accounts for more than 30 % of blindness cases in the UK.  Some of the common symptoms of cataract have been enumerated below:

  • Progressive blearing of vision
  • Hazy vision even in strong light
  • Problems with near or reading vision
  • de-saturation of color vision

Cataracts often result in visual deterioration though the rate of change varies from person to person. While the cataracts caused by depression and trauma can take place within hours, the symptoms caused by age-related cataracts take years to appear. On-time operation for mild and relatively apparent visual defects can offer improves the vision.

Risks Contributing To Cataracts

There are various risk factors that can contribute to cataracts. They are:

  • Diabetes
  • Glaucoma
  • Increasing age
  • Smoking
  • Trauma
  • Unrestrained alcohol intake
  • Diuretics and other drugs
  • Heart problems
  • Excessive smoking
  • Gastrointestinal problems

No matter what is reason behind your cataract, if you believe that your cataract operation has not been done in the desired manner and you are suffering because of the faulty surgical procedures, you are entitled to claim clinical negligence compensation. However, proving the validity of the medical negligence is a must to acquire deserved amount of compensation. It is advisable to get the help of a medical negligence solicitor in presenting the case in the court of law. The medical negligence solicitors are experts and have in-depth knowledge of how to present the case before the judge and put logical arguments and evidences to confirm the receipt of compensation.

The clinical negligence lawyers have the experience and ability to find out if the adverse result of a cataract surgery is the consequence of medical malpractice. The lawyers need to demonstrate carelessness of the surgeon in pre-operative screening, during surgical process to get the compensation for their clients. Proving post-operative negligence will also help the victims gain deserved amount of compensation.

What Does Cataract Surgery Negligence Cover?

The medical negligence solicitors have the skill to recover the following kinds of damages from the guilty party of his insurance company:

  • Injury compensation
  • Private medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Loss of earnings due to the clinical malpractice
  • Out-of-pocket expenditures caused by the surgical error
  • Legal costs
  • Corrective treatment costs

Is the Cataract Surgery Error an Instance of Clinical Negligence or Just An Ineluctable Risk of Surgery?

In order to ensure a good amount of compensation, a medical negligence solicitor needs to prove that the error in cataract surgery is not an instance of medical malpractice but involved an ineluctable risk of surgery. You need to prove a number of things to establish the validity of your case. The medical negligence solicitor who will represent you in the court will try to investigate and find the following things:

  • Did the concerned physician explain you the risks associated with cataract operation or understate them?
  • Did the surgeon in charge of the operation follow the right steps to perform the surgery?
  • Did the medical practitioner take your complete health history before knowing that you are suitable to endure the hassles and risks involved in the surgery?
  • Was the operation delayed?
  • Were you discharged from the hospital before the designated time?
  • Was the doctor caring enough to see you during your post operation follow-up visits?

If you answer “yes” to all the aforementioned questions, your case will not be treated as a case of clinical negligence. However a “no” to these questions can turn your eligible for filing a cataract surgery negligence claim.

Importance of Hiring a Specialist Clinical Malpractice Solicitor

It is always advisable to get the help of a specialist medical malpractice lawyer to deal with a medical negligence case successfully. But, why? Only because availing the assistance of a specialist not only enhances the chances of winning the case, but at the same time, provides the client with the confidence to win the case. A specialist solicitor is well acquainted with the nitty gritties of a cataract surgery negligence case and can handle the case in the best possible manner. But, how will you know that you have appointed a specialist clinical negligence solicitor? You just need to go through the performance record of your chosen solicitor and check if he specifically handles medical malpractice cases. The solicitors specialized in such cases and handling only the cases associated with medical negligence can be referred to as specialist clinical malpractice solicitors.

Choosing an Efficient Solicitor for Medical Negligence Case

The cataract operation clinical negligence cases are usually complex in nature and not all solicitors can handle them successfully and in a hassle-free manner. "medical negligence solicitors"Thus, it is important to avail the services of an efficient solicitor who is both reputed and has a high success rate in dealing with cataract surgery negligence cases. Wondering how to detect the right professional from among a group of medical negligence solicitors?  It is not so difficult a process. What you need to do is a thorough research on the internet. You can shortlist some of the best clinical malpractice lawyers from the internet first. After you can a list of solicitors to consider one from them, do the following things:

  • Check Their Biodata: Check the biodata of the shortlisted professionals to find out one who you think is capable of handling your case successfully. You can flip over the websites of these solicitors and check the testimonials section to see what the clients think about these solicitors. While browsing through the websites, try to assess if the solicitors are specialized in clinical malpractice. Make sure that you avail the services of a reputed solicitor. The chief benefit of contacting and hiring a reputable lawyer is that you can expect the best possible advice and services from him. You can also flip over the pages of your local directory to find clinical negligence lawyers.

Work Procedure of a Clinical Negligence Solicitor

As soon as your meet a solicitor in person, he will ask you to narrate your story of cataract surgery negligence. After listening to the story, the professional would try to assess if the case is valid enough to be presented in the court. He would ask you to provide the medical records, prescriptions, hospital release letter and a copy of the surgery CD, if any. These documents might prove to be beneficial in establishing the validity of the case. You might also seek the assistance of a specialist ophthalmologist and eye surgeon to know if your case in an instance of medical negligence. If he believes that the case is worth the compensation, he will file a clinical negligence case in the court.

Before filing the case, the solicitor might contact the negligent doctor and try to convince him for an out-of-the-court-settlement. If the doctor admits his negligence and ready to settle the case out of the court, the lawyer will negotiate with the doctor or his insurance company regarding the amount of compensation. If the doctor is unwilling to admit his guilt, a cataract surgery negligence case will be filed in the court of law.

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