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Baby Brain Damage After Negligence Care

A three months old baby named Isaac suffered serious brain damage after a nanny shook him violently. Paul Rowlinson and Lisa Rowlinson, the parents of the baby were out of home when the incident happened.

The baby was under the care of Linda Wise. He was taken to the hospital in a state of coma. He was hospitalised in the intensive care unit for nearly three months.

But the baby suffered epileptic convulsion due to the injuries and died eleven months later.

The parents have filed a criminal case.

The prosecution said that the baby’s brain was badly damaged due to violent shaking by Linda Wise. As a result, he suffered from severe bouts of epilepsy and eventually died. Hence, she is criminally responsible for the death of the baby. It is to be seen if her conduct falls in the ambit of medical negligence laws.

At the Liverpool Crown Court, the juries were informed that Isaac was having feeding problems since birth. The baby’s mother Lisa Rowlinson consulted the health visitors, their family GP and paediatrician. However, none of them could diagnose the cause of his condition.

But the constant caring and anxiety was taking its toll on Mrs. Rowlinson. Her family doctor prescribed medication to cope with it. Since the couple have to look after their six-year-old year old daughter as well, they hired Linda Wise to look after their baby boy.

Soon after he was in the care of Wise, the baby became sick and his parents took him to doctors for check-up. Finally he was hospitalised at the Royal Preston Hospital on August 14, 2006 after his condition deteriorated further. The doctors conducted a series of tests but couldn’t diagnose the problem and discharged him after ten days.

By this time, the baby had allegedly developed a tiny bleed which couldn’t be detected. He developed serious epileptic fits ten days later that resulted in his death. His parents were away at Lake District during the time.

It was reported to the jury that Wise had dialled 999 before 7AM in the morning. She informed that the body of the baby was warm but his legs were trembling. He is not able to open his mouth to take foods and should be immediately shifted to the hospital.

Issac was shifted to the Royal Preston Hospital where it was revealed after scanning that there was bleeding in his brain. The doctors also detected some unusual bruises on his left ear and reported the matter to the police.

The police found a tube of arnica bruise cream near the bed of Isaac. The prosecution observed that Wise might have done something that caused bruising.

The post-mortem revealed that the brain injury the baby sustained could have resulted due to shaking.

The parents of the baby have filed a criminal case alleging medical negligence. But due to the complex nature of the case, only medical negligence solicitors can ably conduct such types of cases. The no win no fee solicitorsfirms have good medical negligence solicitors in their panel. The client doesn’t have to pay any fees for it as they get from the party who is at fault.

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