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Birth Injury Claims Can Be Filed through No Win No Fee Solicitors

birth injury claimsPoor treatment during birth can make a baby’s life miserable and can lead to many more complications in his or her later life. Birth injury claims recommend taking stringent legal actions against obstetricians at fault. These solicitors trace the root of the issues that hamper the lives of millions of victims of wrongful surgery and medication. There are many reasons why a baby does not see the light of the earth in a normal way and why many dreams are shattered. The obstetrical negligence compensation claim specialists provide bespoke legal remedies for the victims of medical negligence of this sort. Good news is that many of these solicitors now work on no win no fee basis which means better financial security and lesser risks for the claimants.

How no win no fee litigation works?

Medical negligence claims experts who work on ‘no win no fee’ basis and provide bespoke legal solutions for childbirth injuries that are allegedly resulted from sheer negligence of the doctors and clinical staffs do not charge the parents or the victims themselves until and unless their cases are won. They only charge their clients when the compensation is paid in full and all the damages and injuries are adequately and justifiably recompensed. This provides an added feeling of security to the claimants as they need not to worry about the finances during when the case proceeds in the court.

How do these lawyers assess the liability?

The liability of the obstetricians is proved by the medical negligence solicitors in the following manner which is a four-step procedure.

  • Firstly, it is checked to see whether the concerned medico had a Duty of Care (as defined in the NHS Code of Conduct and the rulebook of the concerned healthcare center)
  • That the doctor violated or ‘breached’ ‘his obvious Duty of Care’ (he did not act according to the set norms and standards) is proved thereafter.
  • That the ‘Breach of Duty’ caused patient injury is the next thing to prove. (This is the most crucial part of birth injury claims legal proceedings)
  • That the injuries leaded to other damages and losses (e.g. loss of amenities, loss of opportunities, loss of earnings) etc is the last thing to evaluate. Based on these evaluations, the final compensation payout amount is determined.

Document requirements

In general, the claimants are asked by their appointed medical negligence solicitors to produce all or some of the following:

  • Medical report (which clearly shows that the injuries sustained were caused at birth)
  • Medical bills and invoices (which attests the current, ongoing, past and estimated cost for treatment and recovery)
  • Proof of loss of amenities
  • Proof of age etc
  • Photos of injured/deformed body parts
  • Cerebral palsy patients are also required to produce some other documents by their appointed no win no fee claims experts.

Can you claim online?

If you are completely incapacitated or handicapped and can’t attend court proceedings, you have every right to call birth injury claims experts to your place or consult your case for free over the phone. All you have to do is to find a solicitor website to file a claim.

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