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Brain Injury Medical Negligence

We commonly associate brain injury with a serious car accident or unfortunate fall, however there are certain cases attributed to medical negligence, for which compensation may be recoverable. Medical brain injury is often caused by anoxia if the length of time is significant, this can have a devastating impact upon the brain’s ability to recover, leading to numerous motor illnesses – including cerebral palsy. Cases such as this warrant an investigation, and can quickly progress to a full brain injury medical negligence claim.


If you, or someone close to you has suffered a brain injury as a result of clinical negligence, we can help you seek compensation for your suffering.


We have significant experience of dealing with brain injury medical negligence claims, including the complicated legal issues that can often hinder the progression of a case. Our medical negligence solicitors can investigate your claim as part of our no win no fee service, and fight on your behalf to seek adequate compensation.

To find out if you qualify for a brain injury claim, complete the initial form with just a few brief details for immediate evaluation.


Brain Injuries Caused By Medical Negligence

Brain injury often occurs as a result of delayed treatment or prognosis, usually following an accident where a rapid response could have made a significant difference to the outcome. Mistakes involving anaesthesia during labour can also influence  “acquired” or “hypoxic-anoxic” brain injury. The prognosis in such cases largely depends upon how quickly action was taken when the error was discovered. For some, it may mean moderate brain injury that does not impact upon coordination or motor skills. For others, it can mean immobility and a life dependent upon carers. Either way, you may have a case for medical negligence compensation.


Our Approach

If you are considering making a brain injury medical negligence claim, it is important you access a solicitor with an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved. Our expert medical negligence solicitors provide
unparalleled support and advice to anyone considering a clinical negligence claim. We offer our services on a transparent no win no fee basis, with all recoverable costs sought from the third party’s insurer and not deducted from your compensation. Unlike some personal injury firms, we do not offer an “up-front cash lump sum”. Instead, we will access your claim on its own merit, and where possible, seek damages that could provide additional financial or medical support whilst the claim is investigated*.

*Not all cases may qualify for additional damages.

If you are considering a brain injury medical negligence claim, speak to us in confidence today. For an immediate assessment, either fill out the short online form, or call us on our free phone number provided above.  Advice is free and without obligation.