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Breast Surgery Claims

Breast Surgery CompensationWere you affected by the negligence of your cosmetic surgeon whilst undergoing a breast augmentation or reduction procedure? If your surgery resulted in illness, injury, or excessive cosmetic scarring, and you believe that errors made by your surgeon were the primary cause, our breast surgery claims solicitors may be able to assist you in recovering injury compensation. We offer our services on a no win no fee basis, meaning there are no costs associated with the claims process, nor any deductions made from your compensation if your claim is successful. Call us today to arrange your free consultation.

Breast surgery is one of the most commonly performed types of cosmetic surgery in the UK, however, is also associated with the highest number of cosmetic surgery negligence claims.

You could be entitled to pursue a breast surgery claim if you have suffered any of the following due to surgical negligence or error:

  • Lopsided or uneven breasts.
  • Lumps or siliconomas (caused by silicone leakage).
  • Capsular Contracture (scar tissue forming above, or on top of the implant)
  • Ruptured or leaking implants.
  • Pain or discomfort which requires hospitalisation.
  • Problems with the alignment or positioning of the areola.
  • Allergic reaction to anaesthetic or pain medications.
  • Haematoma or haemorrhaging.
  • Surgical site infection or blood poisoning.

For many people, breast augmentation or reduction is a last resort after all other methods of enhancing their appearance have failed to deliver satisfactory results. Understandably, any failure on the surgeon’s part to deliver the kind of results they were hoping for is bound to have a severe impact upon their self-confidence, however, it’s unlikely the patient would be able to seek compensation under these circumstances. You could, on the other hand, be entitled to claim if your surgery resulted in excessive scarring – for example, if the incisions were far larger than anticipated, and your surgeon had not informed you of any need for this prior to your operation.

If you are unsure whether your injuries were a result of negligence, or you would like to arrange a free consultation with one of our breast surgery claims experts, simply complete the online form and let us know when would be the most convenient time to call. There is no charge for our call-back service, and you’re under no obligation to continue with a claim based on the advice given.

Breast Augmentation – An Overview

Breast augmentation, often simply referred to as a “breast implants”, refers to any invasive cosmetic surgery procedure which changes the aesthetic appearance of the breast – including reduction. While the majority of breast surgeries are carried out for aesthetic purposes, there are some surgeons whom specialise in breast reconstruction surgery specifically for cancer patients who have undergone mastectomies. Whilst breast surgery is one of the most popular and frequently performed types of cosmetic surgery in the UK, it is also associated with the highest number of reported complications – often because patients have not been assessed properly, or made fully aware of the complications associated with such procedures. Many people in the UK make no win no fee breast implant claims each year. Claiming compensation for faulty breast implants is very common.

After Breast Surgery Who is Liable For Your Injuries?

Like most types of cosmetic surgery, breast enhancement and reduction procedures carry a certain level of risk to the patient, which are usually explained during the initial consultation. Complications are usually minor,  however, some women suffer undesirable results due to a lack of breast tissue. All surgeons registered to practice in the UK have a legal duty of responsibility and care to patients, which extends to performing a full physical assessment to ensure the patient is a suitable candidate for surgery, and informing them of the risks associated with a procedure.  Any failure on the surgeon’s part could make him/ her liable for negligence if the patient suffers some form of injury or complications during, or immediately following surgery.

It’s important to remember that not all breast surgery claims arise due to the negligence of medical professionals. Following the PIP implants scandal in 2010, we’ve seen a substantial increase in the number of claims brought for faulty and leaking breast implants. Many of the defects are not discernible just by looking at an implant, and as such, medical professionals cannot always be held responsible if the implants rupture once fitted. If you have suffered due to leakage or rupture of your breast implants, our solicitors can help you to file a product liability claim against the supplier or manufacturer responsible.

No Fee Breast Surgery Claims and Compensation

Breast augmentation is an expensive procedure, and when things go wrong, it’s understandable you’ll probably want to undergo corrective Breast Surgery Claimsurgery to put things right. Unfortunately there is little insurance cover available for those who suffer at the hands of incompetent and negligent surgeons, meaning that many people have to take out further loans just to cover the costs of putting things right. Our medical negligence solicitors believe that victims of negligence shouldn’t have to pay for somebody else’s mistakes, which is why we offer our claims on a no win no fee, win or lose basis. We seek our own costs from the party at fault, so you’ll never have to cover the costs of our time, or suffer any deductions to your compensation.

If you need advice following a cosmetic surgery procedure that went wrong, contact our friendly breast surgery claims specialists today. Either call our free helpline to speak with someone directly, or submit your details online to arrange a free, no obligation call-back at a time to suit you.