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Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims Specialists

Opportunities for early cancer diagnosis are now far better than they’ve ever been. However, a great many cancer patients still suffer due to Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensationdelays and problems with diagnosis that lead to preventable progression of their condition. If you are one of the thousands who have suffered as a result of misdiagnosis, or delays in diagnosing your condition, our trusted cancer misdiagnosis claims experts can work with you to gather the necessary evidence for a no win no fee claim. Find out whether you qualify by completing our quick 2-minute online application form.

Our medical negligence solicitors handle a great many claims brought for cancer misdiagnosis, nearly all of which are attributed to the negligence of a medical professional, or obvious oversights during diagnosis. We’ve successfully recovered compensation for a wide range of misdiagnosed cancers, including:

• Skin cancer and melanoma
• Cervical and endometrial cancer
• Bowel, prostate and colonic cancer
• Cancer of the breast (male and female)
• Leukaemia and bone marrow cancer
• Tumours of the brain and spine
• Liver, kidney and pancreatic cancer
• Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
• Cancer of the thyroid
• Asbestos-related cancers

It’s a frightening statistic that, at some point in our lives, approximately one in three of us will need to be treated for some form of cancer. With consistent improvements in technology, there is far more likelihood of making a clear early diagnosis, and arranging suitable treatment to prevent it spreading. The majority of patients treated early will generally receive the all-clear within 12-18 months of a diagnosis, however, a small handful continue to suffer due to errors in the early stages.

If your condition was made worse by delays in diagnosis or treatment, and you feel your hospital or GP was to blame, contact our sympathetic medical negligence specialists using the online form to find out whether you can claim. We offer a complete case evaluation by solicitors with extensive experience in cancer misdiagnosis claims, and could let you know within minutes whether you qualify.

The Importance of Early Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

It is a well known fact that, with early detection and treatment, most types of cancer are now treatable, or at least manageable in the early stages. And thanks to pioneering research, doctors now have a far better understanding of the symptoms synonymous with first stage cancer, improving the prognosis for full recovery and lowering mortality rates.

Doctors and oncologists have a legal duty of responsibility to patients, meaning if they reasonably suspect the symptoms presented to be indicative of cancer, they should refer the patient for further tests and treatment as soon as possible. Any failure, oversight, or delay in referring a patient could allow the disease to metastise, and render treatment of ineffective in the latter stages. Cancers of the colon, breast and pancreas, are particularly known to be aggressive and prone to metastising rapidly. While delays in diagnosis may not affect the patient straight away, they may impact the possibility of a complete recovery.

Cancer Misdiagnosis – What Can You Claim For?

Aside from the obvious mental anguish than delays in diagnosis can bring, there are other ramifications which can affect a patient’s health and quality of life. Cancer misdiagnosis claims are generally split into two separate claims for compensation; one for the physical and mental suffering caused to you, and the second for financial losses suffered as a result of the misdiagnosis. Entitlement to financial damages varies from case, but might include compensation for:

• Loss of earnings/ reduction in household income
• Costs associated with private medical treatment and care.
• Fees payable to a private care nurse who visits your home

Trusted Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims Experts

Cancer PatientWith cancer charity initiatives improving awareness throughout the UK, cancer is no longer a life sentence. But that doesn’t mean to say it’s any less the devastating to have that diagnosis confirmed. Our clinical negligence solicitors understand that it can be truly terrifying to discover you are suffering from the disease, and all the more harrowing if it could have been detected sooner.

We’re dedicated to helping anyone who has suffered unnecessarily as a result of delays or errors in diagnosis, and commit ourselves to fighting on your behalf until we’re satisfied we’ve recovered the maximum compensation possible in your case. Our no win no fee agreement provides assurance that, win or lose, you’ll never have to foot the bill for legal costs, and peace of mind that you’ll receive 100% of any compensation paid out by the opposition.

For jargon-free, straightforward advice concerning your right to claim after a cancer misdiagnosis, call our dedicated medical negligence solicitors on the free-phone number above, or request a call-back using the online form provided.