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CHRE Report on Health Industry Malpractices and Your Way to Find the Best Medical Negligence Solicitors

Back in 2009, the Council for Health and Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) came up with a report on the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)’s failure in curbing the nursing and midwifery malpractices. After three years, the CHRE again published a report on the malfunction of the regulatory body. That the victims are resorting to the medical negligence solicitors is an outcome of the situation, but the graver truth is inside; The NMC is not being able to handle disciplinary cases against the negligent nurses and midwives in the proper and medical negligence solicitorsintended manner which translates into more cases of sufferings of common people.

Medical liability in England and Wales falls under the English Tort Laws. In most cases of negligence, the concerned authorities are litigated instead of the individual practitioners. NHS (National Health Service) Trusts and the other concerned authorities are indirectly responsible for the clinical negligence of the doctors and malpractices. Doctors, clinicians and nurses are regulated by the NHS and its different agencies. NHS indemnification is the government policy formed from this vicarious liability of NHS. A doctor’s or nurse’s duty of care is to ensure every patient receives the best treatment. And when it comes to nursing and midwifery practices, extra care should be taken. Unfortunately, CHRE report clearly shows that neither the nurses and midwives nor their regulatory council are acting up to the mark.

Note for caring fathers and husbands, if your loved ones have been affected by the sheer negligence of nurses and midwives, do not hesitate to take the legal step against the wrongdoers. It is the prime responsibility of the nurses and midwives to ensure good health of both moms and their babies and if you think that some nurse or midwife was not that extra cautious or were not duly trained, you can file a claim for compensation from the concerned practitioners, nurses or their respective authorities as well. There are medical negligence solicitors who specialize in winning compensation for their clients.

However, finding a hospital negligence solicitor is not easy. There are fraudsters who can lure you to take their services and then walk off with your hard earned money, and that too when you are badly in need for that. The easiest way to file a lawsuit with no upfront cost is to hire no win no fee solicitors. These solicitors, as you might know, charge nothing before their clients winning the cases. However, you have to pay the solicitor after winning the case. There’s a general rule for finding trustworthy medical malpractice compensation claim solicitors. Always check the SRA (Solicitors regulation Authority) authentication of the solicitor’s agency before hiring.

Use the web to find the best medical negligence solicitors in your area. There are dental negligence compensation claim experts, brain injury claim experts and many other subcategories.  But you should only choose the birth injury claims specialists for dealing with these cases in the legal way. Join the solicitor agencies on the social networking pages and see what the other claimants are sharing and get enriched by the tips of the expert solicitors.