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Claim Against A GP Or Doctor For Negligence

General Practitioners (GP’s) are usually the first point of contact for individuals seeking help or advice in relation to a health condition. But, while most GP’s cannot be faulted in their unfailing commitment to the care and welfare of patients, mistakes can sometimes occur that lead to GP Negligenceunnecessary suffering and complications. You can file a claim against a GP for negligence if: your GP failed to act based on a suspected diagnosis, or misdiagnosed your condition, resulting in delays or problems with treatment.

Our medical negligence solicitors offer no win no fee representation for a wide range of situations involving the negligence of GP’s, including those caused by:

  • Delays in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Wrongful diagnosis resulting in an incorrect prescription being given.
  • Issuing the wrong type of prescription for a condition.
  • Failure to full examine the patient and assess symptoms.
  • Delays in referring a patient to a specialist for further examination.
  • Failure to adequately maintain/ update patient records.
  • Negligent post-operative care.
  • Poor standards of hygiene leading to infection.
  • Failure to warn of the side effects of treatment/ medication.

You should be aware that, if you are considering filing a claim against a GP for negligence, there are strict time limitations enforced by British law that you should be aware of. In most cases, you’ll have three years from the date you knew, or were reasonably expected to know that negligence had occurred. Occasionally, the court may grant an exception, such as when a claim is made on behalf of a child, or there were medical reasons which prevented you from filing a claim.

Whether you’re an NHS patient, or you are treated by a private GP, you have a legal right to expect that your doctor will provide only the very best standard of care. Experienced as they are, no GP is completely faultless, and sometimes mistakes occur that can lead to more serious health complications. If you believe you have been harmed in some way due to medical misdiagnosis or error, you may be able to file a claim against a GP for negligence, and seek damages for your suffering. Find out whether you’re eligible for no win no fee assistance by arranging a free consultation online today.

Have you suffered from ill-health or injury due to negligence or errors made by your GP? Contact our expert clinical negligence solicitors for advice concerning your right to claim. Our helpline is a wholly free service designed to help those who have suffered due to negligence, and provide tailored advice for those thinking about pursuing a no win no fee claim.

GP Negligence Compensation– An Overview

Most people in the UK have a family GP they can turn to irrespective of the severity of their illness, and often take for granted the excellent standard of care received. But, as the number of patients per GP continues to increase, many are now finding that they aren’t receiving quite the same level of care and attentiveness they’ve become accustomed to. This alone does not constitute negligence, however, the pressures faced by GP’s can transcend many areas of practice, including the ability to make an accurate diagnosis within the limited time they have per patient appointment.

Administrative errors are also a common factor in many medical negligence claims, often leading to the wrong medication being prescribed, or delays in referral to hospital for further tests. Despite many administrative duties now being outsourced to other staff, the onus of responsibility is still with your GP for failing to maintain patient records effectively. Medical errors may not always be apparent straight away. In many cases, the negligence of a GP is unfounded until a patient is referred for further testing, or suffers a reaction to prescribed medication.

No Win No Fee GP Clinical Negligence Experts

Many patients have lifelong rapports with their GP’s built on reliability and trust. If an error occurs, it can be difficult to consider the prospect of taking legal action, despite having suffered due to the negligence of that person. You should remember that, irrespective of the relationship you have with your GP, he/ she has a legal duty of responsibility to you as a patient. Any failure in this duty of care that has a negative impact on your health is classed as negligence, for which you are entitled to compensation.

Doctor NegligenceOur medical negligence solicitors understand the difficulties faced by patients who have suffered at the hands of a medical professional. But taking action against someone in the legal profession needn’t seem daunting with the right solicitor acting on your behalf. We offer support and guidance for the duration of your claim, and pledge to fight on your behalf no matter how long it takes. We conclude hundreds of claims like this on an annual basis, and with a 98% success rate, you can feel certain you’re in capable hands.

Our clinical negligence experts will be happy to evaluate your case on its own merits without cost or obligation. Simply complete the short enquiry form online to arrange a call back, or ring our free helpline number to speak with one of our solicitors directly.