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Claim Against Ambulance Paramedics For Negligence Compensation

Were you, or a member of your family affected by the negligence or inaction of ambulance staff? Whether you suffered due to delays in Paramedics Claimsparamedics reaching the scene of your accident, or due to errors made while your condition was being diagnosed, it is highly possible you may be eligible to file a no win no fee claim against the emergency personnel responsible. Our medical negligence solicitors have garnered a solid reputation for their success with claims against ambulance paramedics, and are in a strong position to offer advice and support whatever the circumstances of your case.

You could be entitled to file a claim against ambulance paramedics if you were affected by negligence or errors which resulted in injury or deterioration of your condition. Some of the most common types of negligence claims we deal with are brought as a result of:

· Miscommunication, leading to a delays in reaching the scene of an accident.

· Wrongful diagnosis of a potentially life threatening condition, such as a stroke.

· Failure to administer adrenaline or pain relief on site.

· Delays in administering the correct treatment due to wrongful diagnosis.

· Errors whilst fitting a tracheotomy or catheter.

· Failure to fit a head/ neck brace for a suspected head/ spinal injury.

· The wrong type of medication being given to a patient.

Emergency paramedics are generally the first people to attend in the event of a 999 call, and it is a testament to their skill and dedication that many people go on to make a full recovery from serious injuries. Unfortunately, there are occasions where delays in communication, or errors in judgement at the scene of an accident lead to serious problems for the victim involved, and from which a small minority never recover.

For the most part, ambulance personnel cannot be faulted in their consistent commitment of care to patients, however, there are occasions where, by act or omission, the negligence of a paramedic can lead to life threatening problems for patients if they remain undetected. This type of negligence not only affects the patient physically and psychologically, but also their dependants, spouses and loved ones who may also suffer due to the financial ramifications of an injury.

Pursuing a claim against someone in the medical profession can seem daunting if you have little knowledge of clinical negligence law, but we are here to help. Our medical negligence solicitors offer free impartial advice irrespective of the seriousness of your injuries or financial status. Book your free consultation online today, and you could have an answer within just a few minutes!

Paramedic Negligence Explained

Ambulance crew are vital in saving the lives of many thousands of people in the UK, and without their dedication, skill and expertise, many people involved in accidents would never survive the journey to an Accident and Emergency department. But, as with any role where patient lives are at stake, the pressure of getting to the scene of an accident with a few minutes, and making on-the-spot judgements regarding treatment can leave many paramedics exhausted and unable to perform to their full potential. This in turn can have a detrimental impact upon the standard of care provided to patients – occasionally with life-threatening consequences.

A Huge Percent of Claims Against Paramedics Are made For Delays In Response Time.

Approximately 75% of all claims against ambulance paramedics are made for delays in responding to an emergency call, or attending to patients at the scene of an accident within an acceptable time period. The first fifteen minutes after an accident are often crucial when lives are at stake, therefore ambulance crews must make every effort to arrive at the scene early in order to administer life-saving treatment. Claims against ambulance personnel are also made for lifting patients inappropriately, failure to carry out emergency CPR immediately, and wrongful diagnosis of injuries leading to delays in appropriate treatment. In some cases slow response time can be the difference between life and death or serious injury. If a ambulance and paramedics have turned up late and caused any type of injury and you want some free advice contact us today and we will let you know if you can mate a claim against the paramedics.

High Compensation For Paramedic Negligence

Ambulance CompensationUnfortunately for some victims, the injuries suffered as a result of delays in treatment or paramedic attendance can be life-altering, necessitating voluntary redundancy or further medical treatment to improve quality of life. This can come at significant cost to victims and their families, and many are unsure how they will cope in the aftermath of such devastating news.

Our medical negligence solicitors understand the catastrophic impact that paramedic negligence can have for patients, which is why your peace of mind remains one of our leading priorities. We make no charge for any aspect of our service to you, as all costs are recovered from directly from the defendant’s insurer, and unlike other companies, we’re not concerned about the potential commission to be made from your claim. We commit ourselves to fighting for justice on your behalf, and if successful, guarantee you will receive the maximum compensation amount allowable for your case.

If you have suffered due to the negligence or inaction of paramedic staff, and need advice on how to go about filing a claim, contact our medical negligence solicitors for free impartial advice today. You can call us on the free claim helpline number, or submit your enquiry to us online via the short form provided to arrange a more appropriate time for us to call you back.