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Claiming Compensation: An Effective Way to Police Clinical Negligence

medical negligenceThe incidents of clinical negligence are increasing at an alarming rate in the UK during this decade. Compared to 2005-06, according to the latest statistics (2010-11) there has been almost 52% rise in such cases. While 5 to 6 years back the total number of reported incidents was 5,697 but quite recently number has increased significantly, amounting to 8,655. While the claim for personal injury compensation has rose above 30% in comparison with earlier times, there has been 12% hike in the compensation amount paid (£729.1 million contrasted with £650.9 million in the last year). While the huge amount of money paid to aggrieved parties has become a matter of serious concern for the NHS, on the other hand things are pretty clear that with gradual progression of time the standard of service delivered by the UK physicians has fallen quite sharply. While the supreme healthcare providing governance body is still unable to keep the situation under control, it seems that bringing such incidents of medical inattention under legal purview is the best way to discourage healthcare professionals and institutions from committing such acts.

What are the Most Common Types of Medical Negligence?

The incidents of clinical attention are of different types. The case is established when a person seeks medical attention from a healthcare professional or an institution but the concerned body, after taking responsibility of providing treatment under fiduciary agreement, breaches the professional code of conduct that leads to certain amount of personal injury to the patient. The main challenge against establishing a case of clinical inattention is proving negligence of the person who attended the case or some decisions have been taken regarding by the management regarding treatment of the concerned party. Such cases are established most frequently if:

  • An incident of brain injury occurs due to wrongful treatment
  • An incident of cerebral palsy
  • An incident of wrongful diagnosis
  • Any incident of negligent surgery and complications caused in consequence
  • Any incident of delayed diagnosis of a health condition
  • Providing wrong medication or prescribing wrong procedure
  • Any harm caused to the eye due to wrongful surgery

The most effective way to address such incidents before a court of law is to take help of qualified medical injury solicitors.

How May Compensation Claim Reduce Medical Negligence?

Drawing legal attention to the cases of medical negligence means that the healthcare authorities will be warned about their unprofessional code of conduct. Depending on the seriousness of the injury caused a court offers different types of compensation package to the aggrieved party. These issues also receive strong public attention and function as negative publicity against the healthcare providing institution. Conjointly these aspects stand at the strict antithesis of clinical negligence and practicing of the same. People who are held responsible for committing such actions are often condemned by the institution or experience serious legal prosecution. While the governance fails to find any concrete measure to reduce recurrence of such incidents, it seems that people are only left with the option to seek legal attention that may cut down the increasing rate of clinical negligence.

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