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Claiming Compensation for Negligence Due to Medication Errors

"medical negligence"Human anatomy is complex this explains why a particular medicine proves suitable for one and allergic to another. The science of medicine is an extremely difficult one, which is why the doctors are highly demanded as professionals, entrusted with the duty of saving lives. However, not all medical treatment leads to good results. The uncalled for effects and results do arise and in some cases, it is a physiological disability of the patient to take the treatment while in others, it is entirely a consequence of the negligence of the doctors. Medical malpractice has become a common issue today, inflicting individuals with not just physical pain but several other troubles. Negligence on part of the doctors is punishable by law, which entitles the victimized patients to claim compensation by means of the guidance of the medical negligence solicitors. Nevertheless, prior to analyzing the process of filing claims, it is necessary to throw some light on the probable causes of the negligence.

Causes behind Medical Negligence

There is a certain reasonable standard of care, which all doctors, nurses and even the hospital authorities should abide by. Failure to adhere to the standard or a breach of this duty of care is considered negligence and needless to mention, the consequences are, in majority of situations, terrible.  Instances of clinical negligence arise as a result of many different types of causes, which include misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, wrong medication, surgical errors, lack of care and so on. In fact, the list does not seem to end for newer cases of medical malpractices have been detected. Out of all this, medication errors count for a clear majority of the clinical negligence cases taking place in the UK. Here is a brief overview of the matter.

Claiming Compensation for Negligence Due to Medication Errors

Medication errors does not simply mean an injection of wrong medicines but also include an incorrect dosage of medicine. Negative effects can crop up also when the patient is given too much or too little of a drug. Medicinal errors can come about in the following ways:

  • The doctor is negligent enough to write an incorrect or inappropriate dosage of the medicine on the prescription.
  • The doctor prescribes the right dosage but the nurse ends up administering the incorrect one.
  • Malfunctioning of the equipments that injects the drug inside the human body. For instance, problems in the intravenous pump leading to large dosage of medicine over a short period of time.

With respect to all the above- mentioned instances, it is evidently the fault of either the doctor or the hospital staffs. Claiming compensation happens to be the only possible way left to seek justice for an individual who has been made to suffer injuries as well as damages as a result of the negligence. It is the expert support and guidance of the medical negligence solicitors that is of the maximum significance for a claimant. The solicitors act as friends to their clients understanding the gravity of the circumstances they are encountering.

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