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Clinical inattention/negligence and the Different Conditions that Amount to It

The bottom line of personal injury law is that a person becomes legally eligible for monetary relief against the injury clinical negligencehe/she suffered due to the mistake of someone else. There are many types of personal injuries that infringe an individual from enjoying his civil rights completely. However, of all these types, the most serious one is perhaps medical or clinical negligence. While such incidents are most frequent in the developing nations, owing to the lack of infrastructure and increasing pressure of customers, which make it almost impossible for healthcare professionals in providing personalized attention to patients. But what would the perception if the situation takes an increasingly recurrent shape in a developed nation like the UK?

Gravity of the situation and Findings:

One of the most celebrated and appreciated healthcare providing model all over the globe is the NHS management of the giant network that aspires to secure lives of millions in the country. It was not that unfortunate situations like clinical attention were complete alien. Providing timely and correct treatment to patients is a challenging task. While the highest level of expertise and accuracy is expected from people associated in this profession, it is not completely unnatural to find certain instances of clinical negligence. However, if these unfortunate situations keep occurring, then without a doubt, there is something seriously wrong with the system. It remains not only a steady challenge against the ambition to secure lives of citizens. At the same time, the entire purpose of legal system to ensure civil liberty of people deems unfit. One of the most shocking facts regarding incidents of clinical negligence in the UK suggests that the NHS system of governance, only in 2012, fell under the compulsion to pay over £18 billion to the victims of clinical inattention. A sincere consideration of the current situation would point out a few facts, such as:

  • Sheer failure of the NHS to stand up to the expectations of people
  • The need for modernizing the UK healthcare management system on an urgent basis
  • The more number of medical/clinical negligence cases occur, they impose serious burden on overall economy of the nation
  • Lack of capacity from healthcare providers in terms of providing personalized care and assistance
  • Declining trust among citizens towards the nationalized healthcare sector

While from many departments, strong argument in favour of changing the existing medical negligence law has come forward, it is more important for the government to address root of the problem and take immediate yet strict measures towards controlling the situation and earn back trust of the people.

Medical/Clinical Negligence – Simple Definition:

Medical/clinical negligence, quite simply, can be defined as an incident of negligence committed by one or a group of healthcare providers, finally amounting to some degree of injury caused to the patient. Be it physical or psychological injury, an incident of clinical inattention encompasses both and depending on the magnitude of the damage caused, the court of law decides over the compensation amount to be awarded. Patients with the capacity of providing adequate evidence to establish the negligence issue quite poignantly may even enjoy the benefit of no win no fee scheme. Upon winning, the victim will receive the following benefits:

  • Complete coverage of the legal cost
  • No sharing of the winning amount, even the lawyer’s fee
  • 100% of the estimated compensation amount awarded
  • Upon losing the case, freedom from the risk of paying back the winning party

However, as the discretion to offer a client with no win no fee benefits rests entirely upon the solicitor or personal injury firm, there is no guarantee that every applicant will be granted with this facility.

Cases and situations that may amount to Clinical Negligence:hospital negligence

There are several grounds that may amount to clinical negligence. Some of the most popular of those grounds include:

  • Birth injury claims: During delivery, due to several physiological reasons, the lives of mother and child may encounter some serious problems. It is the responsibility of doctors and other healthcare providers to secure their physical and psychological health. Any act of negligence that causes an injury of a certain magnitude to the mother or newborn, can be addressed before the court of law and upon proving, the injured party receives compensation from the wrongdoer.
  • Cerebral palsy: This health condition occurs most frequently among children, especially due to lack of oxygen supply in the brain. If a situation that demands prompt action from the healthcare provider but out of his negligence he fails to take the right course, the victim or his guardians on his behalf may claim for compensation.
  • Compromising with the quality of service: Any such act that convinces a patient about negligence of a healthcare professional and falls below the expected standard, can be categorized as medical malpractice. With the help of a personal injury solicitor, such instances can be addressed before a court of law.
  • Delayed or misdiagnosis: Finding out correctly about a particular health condition may help a person to stay safe from dire consequences of different health conditions. If finding out about a particular health problem gets delayed or it is wrongly diagnosed due to negligence of a healthcare professional, then the victim becomes eligible to receive compensation.
  • Cosmetic surgery: Complications of cosmetic surgery if occurs due to incompetence or reluctance of the concerned person, then the sufferer may receive compensation from the offending party.
  • Wrongly prescribed medications: In many cases, patients reported to have suffered from medication side effects with different degrees of seriousness. If it is proven that the complication occurred due to wrong medication prescription, then the sufferer becomes legally eligible for compensation from the physician who prescribed those medications.

The leading UK law firms are ready to provide aggrieved persons with the assistance from qualified and efficient personal injury solicitors, with specialization in clinical negligence cases. If you provide all the necessary details required to establish the truth of your argument, your preferred law firm may even offer you with the benefit of no win no fee scheme. So, carefully select the source matching your preference and establish your righteous claim in a case of clinical inattention or negligence.

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