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Clinical Negligence

We all entrust ourselves to the expertise of a medical professional at some point in life; be it for a routine dental check-up, receiving holiday vaccinations, or undergoing surgery to correct a physical condition. For the most part, the service offered by medical professionals is faultless and patients make a full recovery. In a small handful of cases, the expected duty of care from a medical professional falls below par, leading to possible injury and other health complications. This is known as “clinical negligence” and may be grounds for a clinical negligence compensation claim.

Clinical negligence might refer to:

  •   Birth injury claims
  •   Cerebral palsy cases
  •   Malpractice
  •   Misdiagnosis
  •   Cosmetic surgery complications
  •   Post-surgery/ treatment brain injury
  •   Wrongly prescribed medication or treatment
  •   Eye surgery claims


Our trusted medical negligence solicitors are here to help. Clinical negligence claims are not always clear-cut, so you will need an expert legal representative in order fight your case successfully. We offer no win no fee legal assistance to anyone who has been injured as a result of malpractice or negligence, and will strive to seek 100% recompense in every case. There are no deductions for representation, meaning you get to keep the compensation in its entirety.

If you have suffered illness or injury as a result of clinical negligence, contact us for free legal advice now.


No Win No Fee Clinical Negligence Claims Explained

Patients whom suffer as a result of medical negligence often go on to develop health problems not relative to an existing health condition. Not only does this cause unnecessary suffering and anxiety; it can also transcend into other aspects of life, such as the ability to work or live independently. While it can never compensate for the devastating impact of injury or illness caused by clinical negligence, medical negligence compensation can go some way to ensuring the future of an individual is not marred by medical bills and debt.

Our no win no fee arrangement has enabled thousands of UK citizens to seek the compensation they deserve, minus the worry of mounting legal fees. It matters little whether you qualify for Legal Aid, as our costless service has been devised in such a way that all fees associated with representation are sought from the insurance company of the medical body.


Expert Solicitors Committed To Seeking Justice

There are many reasons that validate pursuing a medical negligence claim, not least the repercussive financial problems that can arise if you need specialist medical care. Our medical negligence team comprises one of the most experienced specialist legal firms in the UK, with many years’ experience fighting on behalf of clients. We believe that every claim for medical negligence is deserving of continued support and attention, even after settlement. In some cases, our no win no fee solicitors have even been able to secure additional damages for the devastating financial losses incurred as a result of injury.

For free legal advice concerning medical negligence, or to start a claim, please fill out the brief online form here, or call us on the free phone number provided above. We may be able to help you start a medical negligence claim in as little as 24 hours!