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Have you suffered as a result of substandard care or negligence? If you believe you have been adversely affected due to the incompetence of a medical professional, our medical negligence solicitors could help you seek compensation.

The UK is fortunate to have an enviable reputation for standards of healthcare. Cases of medical negligence tend to affect just 0.1% of the population each year, making statistics comparatively lower than our European counterparts. We are justified in our trust of medical professionals whom offer free healthcare provision, be it for the occasional checkup, or a life-altering surgical procedure. Very occasionally, these impeccable standards fall below expectation – sometimes leading to life-changing consequences for the patient involved.

No settlement amount can ever truly compensate for the catastrophic impact medical negligence might have on your quality of life, however, it can make things a little easier in the aftermath. Our prolific team of no win no fee medical negligence solicitors can help you access the support that is so vital to recovery, as well as full settlement in your case.

Discover how much your claim could be worth. Visit our medical negligence compensation calculator.

Medical Negligence Compensation

UK citizens are fortunate to live in a country where healthcare is offered without cost. Of course, there are a plenitude of private options from which to choose if you are seeking corrective surgery, but in an emergency, the NHS is without doubt an asset. From maternity care and births, to pioneering organ transplant surgery, we rely upon the NHS for just about every facet of our healthcare needs. While the majority of our cases are treated with exemplary professionalism, a select minority encounter problems ranging from mis-diagnosis, through to gross surgical negligence. These patients may therefore qualify for medical negligence compensation.

Examples of compensation for medical negligence:

  •   Eye injuries (including corneal damage) – from £1,300 to £23,400*
  •   Minor to moderate brain damage – from £9,000 to £165,500*
  •   Damage or loss of front teeth (dental) – from £2,300 to £4,600*
  •   Cerebral palsy claims – from £65,000*
  •   Acquired (ongoing) moderate brain damage – from £10,000 to £180,000*

Competence and Support When You Need It Most

Our professional medical negligence solicitors understand the distressed caused by malpractice and incompetence, which is why we pledge to do our utmost for each and every case we undertake. You can expect nothing less than consistent support throughout the term of your claim, and where applicable, access to leading organizations and medical expertise that can make all the difference. In some circumstances, we may be able to recover additional costs for:

  •   Loss of earnings
  •   Interim care
  •   Rehabilitation
  •   Accommodation and transportation costs for specialist treatment.
  •   Counseling and psychological support
  •   Physiological and occupational therapy

Committed to seeking the maximum amount recoverable in every case, our no win no fee solicitors do not charge a fee for their services – instead seeking all administrative costs in a separate claim to the practitioner’s insurance company. To make a claim, simply complete the online form provided, or call us on our free phone number above.