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Compensation is being paid out for medical negligence cases

Doctors who admit their mistakes committed while treating patients are turning out to be very expensive for medical indemnity associations, who are going haywire with the costs incurred in claims.

Although patients do not tend to be highly sensitive to the mistakes made by doctors especially when doctors accept their folly and apologize, this goodwill gesture turns out to be bad for insurance companies and other whop foot medical malpractice claims against doctors. When doctors accept their mistake, they create indelible evidence against themselves that works against them when patients make a claim for medical negligence. Defending such doctors is a definite uphill task for medical indemnity associations.

During 2010-11, a total of 12,142 claims were made against the NHS. Among these claims, clinical claims were 8,655. The number has gone up from the previous year when the number was 6,652. Non clinical claims in the previous year were 4,074 while this year, the number shot up to 4,346. When the financial year ended in March, there were still 22,365 cases that were pending. £134 million was paid out by the authority for claims that were made before 1995, in addition to £729 million that was allocated for the main clinical scheme.

This has become a serious concern for the government. It has showed concern not only about the financial aspect arising due to accident claims but also regarding the number of errors taking place in medical care. The situation is almost unacceptable from both points of view.

Although ambulance chasing lawyers are blamed up to some extent, the fact cannot be grudged that there is no smoke without fire. So, unless a medical malpractice does take place and provides grounds for an ambulance chasing lawyer, there is no way any person can file a personal injury claim. However, no-win-no-fee lawyers are a huge attraction when it comes to making medical negligence claims for very minor and negligible incidences which do not cause potential health hazards.

The risks associated with medical care are high. According to statistics, risk of dying due to medical malpractice is thrice higher than dying due to road accidents. Insurance companies cannot shield the doctors completely against cases of medical negligence solicitors claims. So, by solely visiting a doctor for whatever the ailment, the patient is inviting an unprecedented risk. Even if the disease is not fatal, wrongful diagnosis and medication can lead to untoward and unfortunate fatalities. Mistakes committed by doctors cannot be corrected by the General Medical Council in any manner. The Care Quality Commissioner also cannot make much of a difference by enforcing more stringent legal procedures and regulations.

Doctors are humans and do commit mistakes, despite trying their best for perfection. However, most of the mistakes are not major or life threatening. They do not cause anything more than a few harmless side effects. Nevertheless, doctors can refrain from publically admitting their guilt and from preparing grounds for a long drawn lawsuit.

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