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Cosmetic Surgery Claims For Negligence

Have you suffered from injury, excessive scarring or burns following a cosmetic surgery procedure? Whether you’ve suffered as a result of a Cosmetic Claimsbotched breast augmentation, or nerve damage caused by negligence during a liposuction procedure, if you believe your surgeon to be at fault, there is a strong possibility our cosmetic surgery claims solicitors could help you to file a no win no fee claim against the person responsible. For your free claim assessment, simply fill out our short application form online and one of our medical negligence solicitors will call you to back to discuss your case.

Cosmetic surgery can be a boon for those who suffer from self-esteem problems, as well as women forced to undergo a mastectomy due to breast cancer. Many patients who undergo such procedures report a vastly improved quality of life due to renewed self-confidence, however, there are occasions where cosmetic surgery can have an adverse effect upon the health and well-being of a patient. Commonly, this is due to either surgical or medical negligence.

We handle many different types of claims for cosmetic surgery negligence, including those which have resulted in:

  • Muscle paralysis or degeneration
  • Minor to moderate nerve and tissue damage.
  • Skin lacerations, burns and scarring.
  • Surgical site infections (commonly known as SSI’s).
  • Leaking or ruptured implants.
  • Toxic site infection (commonly associated with Botox).
  • Bacterial infection, caused by poor standards of hygiene.
  • Fat removal from the wrong area of the body.
  • Allergic reaction to anaesthetic and pain medication.
  • Haematoma and serious haemorrhaging.
  • Sight problems, including myopia, hyperopia and retinal detachment.

Why Claim for Cosmetic Surgery Compensation?

It’s important to understand there is a marked difference between unwanted results and injury or disfigurement caused by negligence. If you were informed of potential side-effects, or the possibility that surgery would not fully achieve the results you were hoping for, and still gave consent for the procedure, it is unlikely you would be entitled to compensation.

To find out whether you qualify to make a no win no fee claim for cosmetic surgery negligence, complete our provisional application form online to arrange your free case assessment. Our solicitors will review your case on its own merits, and call you to discuss the options available based on the results of our assessment. Our service is free and without obligation.

Cosmetic Surgery Errors and Negligence

Nearly all cosmetic surgeons are suitably qualified to carry out a range of procedures, however, dermal treatments, such as Botox, can be administered without any formal training or qualifications. The potential for things to go wrong is significantly greater in private salons and beauty clinics, since staff are rarely trained to deal with the adverse outcome of a procedure, or associated side-effects. Some of the most common cosmetic surgery claims are brought for complications arising from Botox and dermal filler injections which can be highly toxic to those who suffer from certain allergies.

Complications associated with invasive procedures are rare, but when they do occur, the outcome can be such that a patient is scarred for life. Some of the most common cases we encounter are brought for injuries discovered after surgery has been carried out, such as implant rupture, haemorrhaging and reaction to a toxic substance, such as Botox. These types of injuries are also prevalent in cases where a surgeon has failed to assess a patient’s suitability for a procedure.

No Win No Fee Cosmetic Surgery Claims

For many people, cosmetic surgery is often a last resort when all other means of changing their appearance have failed to achieve satisfactory results, or restore their self-confidence to a point they feel happy in their own skin. For the most part, the skill of surgeons is such that many walk away with the results they were hoping for. Unfortunately, the outcome of cosmetic surgery is not always favourable for everyone, and occasionally, mistakes occur that leave patients far worse off than before.

Cosmetic Surgery CompensationNaturally,┬ácosmetic surgery compensation can never make up for the devastating effects of cosmetic surgery errors and negligence, or the psychological impact it can have long-term. But for many of our clients, it has enabled them to undergo corrective treatment, and move forward with their lives without suffering from low self-esteem. Because we offer our claims on a no win no fee basis, you won’t have to worry about the potential costs associated with making a claim, or any deductions that might affect your compensation award. Our own fees are sought from the opposition, so if your case is successful, you will receive the maximum compensation recoverable for your injuries.

If you feel you have been a victim of negligence and would like tailored advice regarding your entitlement to claim, call our cosmetic surgery claims experts in confidence today. Our legal specialists will be happy to advise you of your options based on a quick claim assessment, and explain the legal process should you be interested in pursuing a claim.