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Costly Mistakes by Doctors Giving Rise to Medical Negligence Claims

During 2010-2011, the amount of money reimbursed to those who fall prey to clinical negligence soared upwards. Medical negligence solicitors who deal with these cases have identified that many doctors in the mainland UK are not responsibly performing their jobs. According to the stats that came out in the Telegraph, wrong diagnosis cases comprised of the majority of the medical negligence claims that were filed in the last year and the amount of money reimbursed to those unfortunate individuals mounted up to 98 million GBP in the last financial year. This is a significant increase as because during 2009-2010, the compensation amount awarded to medical negligence victims were just 42 million GBP.

Another facet of the story is, successful compensation claims cases have increased by 80% in the last financial year. It was revealed that there were 1204 successful compensation claims cases of this type. Wrong diagnosis of cancer has also been reported by hundreds and thousands of victims. These misdiagnosed individuals were awarded 959,000 GBP in total. One insider from the Department of Health expressed that the government is bestowing grave importance to these issues and won’t tolerate any form of breach of duty. Safe and effective medical treatment is everyone’s right and the department and all other concerned authorities are keen on safeguarding the public rights. The General Medical Council has already deployed fifteen medical officers to monitor the activities of the physicians.

If you feel that you have fallen prey to some sort of clinical negligence, you can file a claim through the reputable medical negligence solicitors. The issue is now doing rounds on the internet and within the government as well. Government and its concerned department are trying the level best to eradicate these issues. Many people just forget and forgive the wrongdoers. And there are these victims who have no clue on how to file claims for these cases. These ill-informed and unfortunate victims are now being encouraged to file claims.

For finding the best solicitors on the internet, follow a simple tactic. Whenever you visit a website, just scroll down or visit their About Us page. You will find info bits such as whether the solicitor agency is regulated by some competent authority or not, whether the agency provides service for medical negligence cases and many more details. This way, you can find the best practitioners in your region. Always assess an agreement and calculate the charges that you have to pay after winning your claim. Do not enter a CFA or Conditional Fee Agreement before checking these details. Remember success of your claim is subject to your submission of all the pertinent documents and evidences.

National Health Services is working closely with all of the appointed medical officers to completely eradicate these issues from the country. Meanwhile, if the costly mistakes by your doctor have left you in distress, you can file a claim against that faulty doctor through a reputable solicitor agency. Choose medical negligence solicitors who are regulated by the Ministry of Justice as because these solicitors are generally trustworthy in nature.