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Dental Negligence

It’s a well known fact that routine dental appointments instill fear in children, but as adults, we learn to gradually overcome this dread. Unfortunately, relapses can occur following a particularly traumatic experience, and are likely to be especially severe in cases of dental negligence. Like medical professionals, dental practitioners have a duty of care to their patients, which means they must adhere to practices deemed acceptable under medical law. Dental negligence defines any situation where this standard of care falls below that expected of a dental nurse or practitioner, specifically if it leads to further illness, injury or suffering on behalf of the patient.


We are an expert panel of medical negligence solicitors with demonstrable expertise in all aspects of dental negligence. If you have endured suffering as a result of malpractice or negligence, you may have grounds for a no win no fee dental negligence claim. We can assist you in all aspects of building a thorough case against the guilty party, with a view to obtaining full and final settlement without any deductions.

For immediate assessment of your dental negligence claim, contact a member of our specialist legal team via the online form here.

Types of Dental Negligence

Dental negligence is a collective term used to define any aspect of malpractice that contributes to compromised safety, illness or injury. In order to qualify for this type of clinical negligence claim, it must be proven that erroneous judgment, poor standards or treatment contributed to an illness or injury wholly separate to a pre-existing condition.

Dental negligence may refer to:

  •   Administrative error – leading to inappropriate treatment, or the wrong medication being administered.
  •   Medical liability – resulting in the contraction of a non-relative infection during treatment.
  •   Incorrect administration of a drug or treatment, including overdose.
  •   Failure to diagnose a condition, leading to additional discomfort, injury or illness.
  •   Mis-diagnosis.
  •   Errors involving the administering of anaesthetic.
  •   Fatality caused by malpractice or negligence.

Even if you are unsure whether negligence was to blame for your suffering, our medical negligence solicitors are on hand to provide immediate answers to any enquiries. If you are uncertain about your eligibility to claim, call us today.

Lodging A Dental Negligence Claim

Personal injury claims companies often advise that lodging a claim for dental negligence is far easier than other types of clinical negligence. Realistically, dental practice is as technically complex as any other type of medical profession, therefore not all cases may be easy to prove.

Backed by some of the UK’s leading dental experts, our team of no win no fee solicitors have successfully investigated thousands of dental negligence claims on behalf of clients. With their help, your claim for medical negligence can quickly be investigated, and you will be swiftly informed if you are eligible to make a claim. In many cases, we can establish the groundwork of a claim in as little as 24 hours, leaving you free to concentrate on your recovery without the unnecessary worry of a court appearance. The majority of cases are settled out of court, and our fees are covered by the practitioner’s insurance company.

For advice, or to start a dental negligence claim, submit your details via the online form for immediate review, or call us on the number we have provided at the top of this page. Legal advice is free and you are under no obligation to take up an offer of representation.