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Do the Clinical Negligence Solicitors Offer their Services for Misdiagnosed Miscarriage Victims?

With pregnancy and birth of child, one can feel the transition of girlhood to womanhood. But then, for many this transition is experienced for short span of time as a result of misdiagnosed miscarriage. Such negligence at the end of the medical experts can neither be tolerated nor can it be pardoned. Thus, the victims have the right to file claim against the responsible person. Though, the loss endured as the result of medical error cannot be paid with value of compensation but then, it might make the faultier aware thereby preventing him from further carelessness. As a matter of fact, the opponent will equally be ready with piles of documents to defend him. Thus, you might need a legal assistance that can stand on behalf the victim to fight the case logically and ensure 100% compensation to the plaintiff.

Normal miscarriages occur within the three months of pregnancy but then, in case of clinical error it can happen at anytime. Though mainly miscarriages occur as the result of hormonnal imbalances within the mother, pregnancy at late age and so on so forth, but then the GP can also be responsible for such occurrence of being unable to provide proper care to mothers and because of their carelessness whilst treating. The innumerable medical negligence solicitors might help you to secure claims against such callousness.  Read on the following to know some circumstances in which pregnancy can be misdiagnosed catering on which the lawyers might offer their services.

  • Most of the times the ultrasound cannot detect the heartbeat as the embryo grows rapidly. Thus, the GP conducts for another ultrasound to ensure that there are no symptoms of miscarriage. But then, if your doctor has not asked you for the same then, you should make it a point to remind him about it.
  • The pregnancy hormone of a woman keeps on rising and falling. If you find that there is slow increase in the HCG level then it is one of the most suspicious reasons of miscarriages. Make sure to contact the doctor as there still a chance to recover. But then, if your GP cannot provide you and your unborn baby health and safety then you have all the right to file claim against him.
  • In case of heterotopic pregnancies the miscarriages are mostly misdiagnosed. Since there are two conceptions behind such pregnancies, one of which ends prematurely and the other can be recovered in the long-run. Thus, the breach of confusion occurs here, where the doctors fail to detect the actual type.
  • If the mother is conceiving twins then very often with the miscarriage of one of the fetus the other also get miscarried and that is just because of the negligence of the doctor as there is no problem for the other to grow and live. Hence, filing a misdiagnosed miscarriage claim against the careless GP is worthy.
  • Excessive consumption of medicines during pregnancy may lead to reverse effect on the mothers that can lead to miscarriage. The doctors need to understand the different body types of the mothers depending on which medicines should be prescribed.

You can select the right kind of solicitor over the internet. Check their websites and know about their facilities offered to the misdiagnosed miscarriage victims.

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