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Drinking Water Medical Brain Damage

Drinking too much water leads to severe damage

In a rare case, a woman has suffered from severe brain damage due to drinking too much of water.

Dawn Page, in order to lose weight, contacted Barbara Nash, a nutritional therapist, who prescribed her unique weight loss treatment ‘hydration diet’. Drinking plenty of water was part of it.

But after following Nash’s therapy and drinking six pint of water in a day, she suffered from ‘hyponatraemia’ or overdose of water.

The excess water lowers the level of vital salts in the body. There is swelling of the cells due to this. The condition eventually leads to brain damage and epileptic fits. In medical terminology, this is called ‘hyponatraemia.

She had been an active lady, with a successful career as a conference organiser. Now, it’s only occasionally that she could recollect her own name and is fully dependant upon her husband, Geoff Page who works as a project manager in a packaging company.

The couple will receive a compensation claim of £810,000 for a medical negligence claims suit they filed six years ago. It was an out of court settlement between the two parties. The payment is to be made by the insurance company which had insured Barbara Nash.

But for Geoff, the compensation notwithstanding, life has become a daily challenge. Being the sole caregiver of his wife, he finds it difficult to manage his work and home. He has to provide written notes to his wife containing minor details like the place where the foods are kept or the bus number. They have no social life and the interaction between the two has also become mostly one-sided for Dawn in her present state, is almost like a kid.

Dawn had approached Nash in 200. The therapist had a diploma in natural nutrition. She asked Dawn to cut down her salt- intake and take at least four pints of water in a day over phone.

But after consulting the therapist at her clinic, she increased the intake of water from four pint to six pint. The same night she complained of exhaustion. The next day the couple contacted the nutrition therapist over phone and asked if it could be due to the high amount of water she has been taking. But she assured them that it is part of the detoxing process. She emphatically asked her to continue drinking the high amount of water.

Barbara Nash however, didn’t believe that drinking four or six pints of water has anything to do with the condition of Dawn. It could be due to the gastric flu that people normally suffered during that time. She claimed that six pints of water, in fact, is not a very high volume of water to be taken a day.

She also clarified further that she wasn’t the doctor of Dawn. She works only as a complimentary therapist.

The payment of £810,000, settled out of court is more of goodwill gesture than a compensation for any medical negligence, she claimed.

At present, there is no clear cut legislation or accepted standard detailing the qualification of a nutritional therapist.

This type of cases reveal that the medical negligence compensation claims suits can be properly handled by medical negligence solicitors only. In order to get a favourable result and not be unnecessary be burdened to pay the fees even you loss the case; it is better a take the help of no win no fee medical negligence solicitor.

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