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Errors in Hip Replacement Surgery Can Lead to Clinical Negligence Claims

Hip surgery is often a complicated process and a medical practitioner needs to be highly trained to perform this type of surgeries. Hip replacement, also referred to as hip hemiarthroplasty or hip arthroplast, is one type of hip surgeries in which the surgeon uses a prosthetic implant to replace the hip joint. The surgery can be done on one or both the hips. Hip replacement "hip replacement error"surgery is ideal for treating congenital abnormalities in the hip, physical joint trauma and arthritis. A doctor can prescribe hip replacement after a serious accident.  Many people go for hip replacement surgeries in the United Kingdom. In most instances, the surgeons are successful in conducting the surgery expertly. However, in some rare instances, the surgical procedure ends up in an unsuccessful note. If you or any of your family members, friends or relatives has sustained an unsuccessful hip replacement surgery and the thing has happened due to the negligence of the doctor, you can file a clinical negligence.

Errors in Hip Replacement Surgery Can Have Annihilating Effects

Wrong hip replacement surgery can have devastating effects. Let us enumerate some of the common effects that can take place due to an erroneous hip replacement surgery:

  • Blood clots: Blood clots might form in the leg veins due to the doctor’s negligence during the surgical process. Pulmonary embolism can occur due to the error. Exercise and blood thinners can be used to prevent blood clotting.
  • Improper Alignment of the Implants:  Most of the problems after hip replacement surgery occur due to the improper alignment of the implants. Misalignment can lead to loosening of the hip, pain and wear. It can also cause post operation hip dislocation.
  • Dislocation: Hip displacement can take place because of the doctor’s carelessness during the surgical procedure.

In order to avoid such problems, it is important to get it done by an experienced surgeon. A surgeon who has the experience of performing a number of hip replacement surgeries is most likely to commit lesser or no errors.

What if You Suffer Due to Wrong Hip Replacement Surgery?

If you have become the victim of a wrong hip replacement surgery, it is high time to seek the help of a medical negligence solicitor. The medical negligence solicitors are usually acquainted of the dire consequences that can arise due to a wrong surgery. They have the knowledge and training about how to present a case in the court of law and demand rightful compensation of behalf of their clients. You can arrange a meeting with a reputed clinical negligence lawyer and discuss the circumstances of your case. The law expert will ask you to provide him with the doctor’s notes and medical prescriptions that can serve as concrete evidences during the court proceedings. The lawyer will ask if your doctor had made you aware of the complications and risks of hip replacement before the surgery.

Things That Need to be Proved to Win Clinical Negligence Claims

There are certain things that need to be proved in the court of law to establish that he demands of the litigant are genuine. These factors include:

  • The existence of the responsibility of the medical practitioner to provide proper care and treatment to the claimant.
  • Failure of the doctor to maintain the standard of care to be offered to the patient.
  • The damages caused due to the doctor’s failure to treat the claimant desirably.

To establish that the doctor has failed to provide proper care and treatment, the solicitor representing a hip replacement surgery victim needs to describe the concept of standard of care in detail. If he can show that the care taken by the doctor during the surgery fell short of the standard of care to be maintained, he will be able to enhance the chance of securing a hefty compensation for his client.  The testimony of the medical experts might play a key role in prove the breach of a standard of care. The experts are the best persons to detect the nuances of medical care.

Some Facts on the British Medical Negligence System

The British Clinical negligence system depends on its courts to resolve a case. Most of the medical practitioners in the United Kingdom are insured by the National Health Service (NHS). It is the National Health Service (NHS) that administers both the business and legal aspects of medical system in the United Kingdom.

The medical practitioners employed under the National Health Service (NHS) are in no way liable for medical negligence claims. They do not need to purchase medical negligence insurance coverage. The funds needed for NHS redress arrives from the general fund of the UK government.

Why is it Important to Approach A Medical Negligence Solicitor Following an Erroneous Hip Replacement Claim?

Cases of clinical negligence are usually complicated and it is quite difficult for a layman to establish the doctor’s negligence. The health care providers employed under the National Health Service (NHS) are powerful entities and taking legal actions against them is not an easy affair. A claimant needs to seek assistance from professional medical negligence solicitors, decide how to go about with the case and then file a compensation claim in the court.

Explaining the Work Process of a Medical Negligence Solicitor

A medical negligence solicitor venturing out to file a claim on behalf of his victimized client will approach the accused hip replacement surgeon to know if he is interested in an out-of-the-court settlement. If the doctor is ready to accept his guilt and enter into a mutual understanding, the case will be easily settled without any court proceeding. If the surgeon is obstinate and is not willing to accept his fault, the lawyer acting on the claimant’s behalf can file a case and initiate court proceedings.  You need to have a bank of evidence to prove the authenticity of your claims in the court of law.

The medical negligence solicitors get all the medical prescriptions, x-ray reports and other medical-related documents assessed by an impartial and registered medical practitioner. He urges the medical expert to create an independent report and give his opinions in writing. The judge will go through both the original medical documents and the assessment report prepared by the impartial medical expert and presents both the reports to a medical expert appointed by the court. The doctor appointed by the court will go through all the reports and tell if the claims of the claimant are reasonable. The judge will consider the logical arguments and the opinion of the court-appointed doctor to offer the final verdict.

Estimation of the Compensation to be Awarded

It is not possible for a layman to estimate the amount of compensation he is going to receive on winning his wrong hip replacement surgery case. Even an expert medical negligence lawyer cannot provide the right estimate of the compensation to be granted. However, if he makes a careful study of the similar cases that have been already won, he will get a rough idea of the amount of compensation that is usually granted to the wrong hip replacement surgery victims. The judge in charge of a faulty hip replacement surgery case also refers to the previous cases to decide the amount of compensation to be granted to the litigant.

 Things You Need to Take into Account before Appointing a Medical Negligence Solicitor

There are certain factors that you should take into account before selecting a clinical negligence lawyer to file your claim. First of all, it is important to scan through the web world to find some of the most reputed law firms operating in the United Kingdom. From these shortlisted firms, you choose to choose one that has some of the most experienced medical negligence lawyers in the UK and contact it. You can go through the official website of your chosen law firm to click on the profile page of the lawyers. You can go through the profiles of some lawyers and check their experience and expertise in the field. You need to choose a law professional who has years of experience in dealing with all sorts of medical negligence cases. You should also consider the success rate of your chosen law expert. An experienced lawyer is less likely to commit mistakes and can drive the case to a successful end.

After choosing your medical negligence solicitor, you need to sit with him in a face-to-face discussion to provide him with all the details of your case. You should not hide any detail and provide the solicitor with all the minute details. He will then prepare a systematic plan and will approach in a calculated direction to file and win the claims. There are many medical negligence law professionals in the United Kingdom who provide consultation online. If you are not in a position to visit a solicitor in person, you can consider availing online consultation. It is for sure that a law expert will deliver all his efforts to help you win a good amount of compensation.

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