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Facets behind Clinical Negligence Claims in the UK

Health is a gift and something that we can’t take for granted. However with our fragile state we are exposed to elements that cause us to fall ill. When in that state, the best thing to do is visit a medical specialist for advice. This is usually after all attempts to help your self have failed. However in the UK there are many clinical negligence claims that have been filed and this is really bringing sadness and fear in many patients.

Medical practitioners have the responsibility of ensuring that every patient is taken care of accordingly. We know that choosing the ideal hospital for you can never be an easy thing to do, however this doesn’t mean that hospitals should perform below the set standards. A good hospital should have clinical excellence in healthcare, top notch hospital maintenance, hospitable staff, and overall amazing hospital management. Since the hospital is expected to be a safe haven patients have every right to file for clinical negligence claims when this is otherwise.

Clinical negligence is when the medical practitioners perform their medical role below per causing damage to the patients. It can be very disheartening when you have entrusted your life to a medical expert only to go through major problems through their hands. If you are wondering how clinical negligence can occur, this article will show you the real horrors of the hospital. Clinical negligence occurs in a number of ways and cannot just be classified in one point. Many have been victims of all these.

Delayed attending: Imagine going to the doctor with so many issues with your health only to be kept in the queue for extremely long?  Who knows, you could have been so sick and literally dragged yourself there. This can be one way that doctors make patients suffer. It is expected that when one visits doctors they should be attended to with immediate effect. It is the responsibility of the medical team to take life with great weight. It is very regrettable though that this is not what is being done in the UK hospitals. This is clearly the reason behind all these clinical negligence claims. When patents are not seen or attended to within a certain span of time, they can develop worse conditions as they are left waiting. Many have developed brain damage, blood clots, or even internal bleeding that could cause death.

Drug administering/wrongful diagnosis: When you go to a hospital, you trust that those attending to you will give you correct information regarding any illness that you may be suffering from. However this isn’t an obvious thing nowadays. Doctors are getting everything wrong, by misdiagnosing patients. This means that they are either finding nothing wrong with a patient or getting results that are totally incorrect. This will obviously lead the doctors prescribing the wrong medication. This eventually becomes a whole mess and could even kill. When something like this happens what you need to do is make sure that you file for a clinical negligence claim. There is no excuse for a medical practitioner to leave room for such grave errors. We all know that this is human life that they are dealing with. Other ways that doctors misdiagnose patients is by telling them or having them believe they have an ailment that they actually do not have to begin with. This can really work on the psychology of a patient causing them to be depressed, only to find out that it was a wrong diagnosis.

Substandard care: Nurses and doctors should be the most pleasant people to have around in hospitals. Or so we think. The main reason many expect this is because when you go to the hospital, besides good medication, you want to be treated with care and hospitality. That is why nurses are there. However, this isn’t the case. Nurses seem to be very cold and desensitized to life in general. This leads them to being very mean to patients. Whenever they are expected to give utmost care to patients, this falls short every time. According to a news article it is written that a nurse was struck off the register for not properly taking care of a patient.

Birth injuries: This is another way that clinical negligence manifests. Having a baby is the best thing ever and there is nothing more exciting. However it is very devastating to hear that complications occurred due to someone’s fault. This may be jaw dropping and perplexing all at the same time. You think that children would be spared all the agony. This is not the case at all.  Children have bad brain damage, spinal and limb damages all because one of the medical practitioners dint pay attention.

Other very disastrous ways that clinical negligence can occur is through dental malfunctions, surgical error or cosmetic complications and basically avoidable accidents due to mere recklessness.

Why file for a claim?

Filing for clinical negligence claims may seem daunting but it is the best thing to do. First and foremost you have to find a very good solicitor who is going to make things right with regards to legal matters. The job of the solicitor is to make sure that you are represented and successfully compensated. It is very important. Having gone through clinical negligence, you certainly cannot solve all the issues on your own.

Filing a claim is also of the advantage to the greater good. This is mainly because whenever you confront a medical practitioner with a claim, you will be bringing exposure to the negligence hence shedding a great light on all the evils that are occurring in hospitals today. You will encourage others to have a voice so that they do not have to suffer in their cocoons mutely. Medical personnel are liable to answer to anything that they have done against patients. If you have been a victim of clinical negligence, please do not sit in silence. File a claim today!

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