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Filing Birth Injury Claims with the Help of the Qualified Solicitors

"medical negligence"A careless act on part of the medical practitioners leads to the cases of medical negligence. Clinical negligence can be considered the most terrible kind of accident that engulfs the life of an individual. Although all accidents are unpredictable and none of them comes with a warning, the one transpiring as a result of such negligence affects the life of the victim at a point when he is expecting something positive. Medical treatment is received by a person with the hope to get cured of some illness or disease and resume normal life. Medical negligence cases can be of various types though the intensity of the consequences are somewhat similar. Victims of this type of negligence are entitled to file the medical negligence claims and needless to mention, the medical negligence solicitors have the most significant role to play in this regard.

The development in the field of medicine has been accompanied by an increase in the complexity of certain treatments. As such, medical negligence can take place in different ways owing to the varying sorts of the acts of carelessness on part of the doctors, the nurses and at times, the hospital authorities. Birth injuries are one of the most critical consequences that appear as a result of the negligence at the time of childbirth. The outcome is that the newborn is found to be inflicted with some kind of disease right from birth, which leads to lifelong abnormality. A lack of prenatal care and in majority of cases, postnatal care paves the way for the injuries incurred by not just the baby but also the mother.

While cerebra palsy is the most common form of birth injury and also the most terrible in nature, there are various other types of injuries that may arise owing to the same kind of negligence and for which legal steps should necessarily be taken, which are as follows:

  • Spinal Injury
  • Wrongful Birth
  • Erb’s Palsy
  • Brachal Plexus Injury
  • Hypoxic- Anoxic Brain Injury
  • Congenital Hip Dysplasia

Irrespective of the kind of birth injuries that the negligence resulted in, the parents of the newborn become entitled to claim compensation.  Birth injury claim can be filed anytime until the baby attains 18 years of age, after which the victim gets an additional 3 years to ask for the compensation. This makes this particular type of medical negligence claims different from the other types, which needs to be filed within 3 years of the realization of the injuries.

The procedure involving the making of the birth injury claims is almost the same as that of any other. The case is scrutinized thoroughly by the medical negligence solicitors to determine whether it is valid enough to be put forward as a claim. The compensation amount depends upon the severity of the consequences and it is here again that the solicitors play an essential role in determining the amount to be claimed. As a victim, you have to come across a reputed claim management company online to get hold of the qualified solicitors.

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