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Filing Cosmetic Surgery Claims Can be a Way to Bring justice to the Victims

cosmetic surgery claimsThe popularity of cosmetic surgery has risen to a great extent in the United Kingdom. This type of operation is usually done to correct the facial or body features. Gone are the days when people were compelled accept the facial and body features with which they were born. Now, with huge advancements in the world of science, birth features can be easily amended with the help of cosmetic surgery. This type of surgical procedures should not be taken lightly. These are critical procedures and involve a number of risks. However, if the person undergoing the surgery suffers due to the doctors negligence, cosmetic surgery claims can be filed in the court.

Statistics reveal that about 75,000 cosmetic surgeries are executed in the United Kingdom every year. Out of all these surgeries, most of the cases have been found out to be successful and the patients who underwent the operation are happy with the results. However, some cases have been traced where the cosmetic surgeons are liable for the pain and suffering of the patients who suffered pain and suffering as the outcome of the surgical process. If you have been the victim of a wrong cosmetic surgery, you can get the help of a personal injury solicitor and acquire justice.

There can be a lot of reasons behind a wrong cosmetic surgery. It could be the carelessness of the surgeon or the lack of experience of the surgeon. Use of poor surgical tools can also contribute to wrong cosmetic surgery. As stated earlier, the surgical procedure meant for enhancing the facial and body features come with a number of risks. The doctor needs to inform the patient about the possible risks prior to the operation. If a surgeon fails to communicate about the potential risks involved in the surgery and the patient suffers, the doctor can be held responsible and sued.

Let us now discuss about the different kinds of cosmetic surgery compensation claims that can be filed in the UK courts. Some of the common cosmetic surgery claims handled by the UK solicitors include:

  • Chin augmentation claims
  • Tummy tuck claims (abdominaloplasty)
  • Lip enhancement claims
  • Liposuction claims
  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Facelift claims (Rhytidectomy)
  • Eyelid surgery claims
  • Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty)
  • Ear surgery claims (Otoplasty)

A negligent cosmetic surgery can not only affect the victim physically but also psychologically and financially. It is due to this reason that the victim should go to the court and file compensation claims. Assistance of a personal injury solicitor can help frame the case efficiently. The value of the compensation claims will depend on a variety of aspects like nature and degree of the injury, the time it consumes for complete recovery, amount of financial losses incurred by the cosmetic surgeon’s mistakes and long term effects of the injury. The more are the losses, the greater are the chances of acquiring higher amount of compensation. The amount of compensation also often depends on how the case is presented in the court.

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