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Five Common Cases of Hospital Negligence That Are Subject to Litigation

dental negligenceHad you been admitted recently in a hospital but were discharged with new or increased complications? Are you now suffering from a new ailment and the doctor who treated you cannot explain why this is happening? You might have been a victim of hospital negligence, the most abominable form of professional negligence. Just make a note here that you are not alone and there are hundreds and thousands of victimized individuals who have been a victim of this sort of negligence at some point of time in the past. It may also be a case that the hospital you were admitted in is charged with so many similar cases.

The problem is, many patients do not realize that they have been a victim of negligence/nonperformance and many doctors at fault escape from the legal complications for this reason only. Here below are 5 common cases of clinical negligence that are subject to litigation. Check out this list to see whether you can claim compensation for your injuries/illnesses.

  1. Wrong anaesthesia: Many patients are not physically fit for undergoing anaesthesia and this should be checked by the doctors. Unfortunately, many doctors simply forget to check the physical condition, measure blood pressure and sugar level and check previous medical records before anaesthesia. As a result, patients suffer from chronic and consequential illnesses and even die. Medical negligence solicitors see these cases as absolute inattention and help their clients sue these medicos.
  2. Delayed diagnosis/treatment: If we change the widely used axiom a little bit, its ‘treatment delayed is treatment denied’. There are many physicians who do not examine their patients properly and tend to overlook the symptoms. This worsens the condition of the patients and they often anathemise their doctors for not diagnosing or treating them properly. This sort of doctor’s negligence should be paid back taking the legal route.
  3. Wrong medication: This is also a major issue which often becomes news headlines and the healthcare sector as a whole is defamed. In reality, there are only a handful of doctors who prescribe medicines without prior consideration and examination. Hospital negligence compensation claim specialists provide the right legal solution to the victims.
  4. Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI): Many hospitals do not meet the bare minimums of hospital hygiene and sanitation and that spread infectious diseases among patients. If you have got a new disease and you think that the poor sanitation of the hospital you had been admitted is the causal factor behind this, you can take help of medical negligence claims specialists to sue the hospital authority.
  5. Referring unfairly: Hospital authorities trying to bypass their liabilities is a common matter of concern in the UK. There are hospitals that refer patients to other hospitals despite having the right infrastructure and qualified medical staffs on board. This aggravates the pain and injury of the patients. If your physical condition worsened in the recent past because it took so much time  to travel from one hospital to another, you can take proper legal actions against the hospital that unfairly referred you.

Hospital negligence claim is what you may consider as your next step.

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