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Government could Slash Quarter of Medical Negligence Compensation from the Birth Injury Victims

"medical negligence solicitors"With the increasing medical error claims, the UK government has recently decided to slash legal aid by £ 350 million. The parents whose babies have suffered from birth injuries repulsed by such a proposal. The compensation won by the families of the brain-damaged babies from the hospitals are kept for fuller utilization to help the victimized child in future. The medical negligence solicitor has been trying hard to win fair value of payouts for the plaintiffs. But according to the new amendment under the claiming law, the Government could take quarter of the compensation from the plaintiffs and use it to recover other court cases. The chief executive of a charitable organization in the UK, show cased his disgust about such a heartless proposal, which is aiming at robbing the needed money of the brain-damaged babies. Though, a spokesman of the Ministry of Justice assured that they are still committed to support the birth injury victims, yet the proposal cannot be neglected.

A North East Londoner is taking legal actions against the hospital where her son endured birth injury at the result of clinical negligence. Her two year old son has cerebral palsy during his birth due to ignorant medical professionals. She was shocked to hear about such a proposal and expresses her helplessness when she said, that every single penny is vital to deal with birth injury cases such as, hers.

Though many amendments were made previously by the government on cutting-off all the legal aid from the families whose babies have suffered from birth injuries, but they later continued to provide fair value of compensation for the same victims. Thus, if your child has been a victim of such injuries during his birth you can ask brain injury compensation from the faultier and win 100% compensation with the help of the medical negligence solicitor in the UK, until the government actually regulates such a legal system under the claiming law.

With the disgust shown by people all over the country about the new proposal it can be expected that the government will think twice before including such a law in sanctioning claim to the families of the victimized birth injury child. The chief executive of another charitable organization expresses his understanding on the importance of full payouts for the families that have been the victim of severe medical mistake. A victim takes medical aid in the need of hours but if the medical panel fails to do so it has detrimental effect on the victim that might even lead to death bed as well. The new born suffering from birth injuries has uncertain future as it is difficult to access about the potential development of diseases within the victim’s body. Thus, satisfactory and 100% pay out might help the parents to save the money for the future medical treatment of the child. Moreover, their future mainly depends upon the expert guidance and equipments. Hence, it is unacceptable that the government will start diverting quarter of the compensation into their treasures.

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