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The medical practitioners aim to provide the best standards of treatment to their patients, but still errors occur at times. Doctors are human beings and human beings tend to make errors. Looking from this perspective, the medical practitioners have reasons to defend their medical malpractice. However, medical negligence often results in great harm to the patients. There are medical negligence solicitorsseveral instances where a minor mistake by the doctor has cause life-threatening injuries to the patients. If you have become the scapegoat of medical negligence in the recent past,you can consider seeking the assistance of the medical negligence solicitors to compensate the financial losses you have incurred due to the doctor’s error. A clinical negligence can occur in any medical situation, from a visit to a dental surgeon to regular health check-up. There is always the risk of doctor’s error in case of surgical procedures.

There are certain factors and a case needs to meet all the factors to be considered as a medical negligence case. Some of these aspects have been discussed below:

  • A Violation of The Standard of Care: The UK law specifies certain medical standards that the medical practitioners should maintain to be considered as a professional offering the best possible treatment recognized by the law of the nation. This is referred to as the standard of care. A person has the right to claim standard care from the medical professionals. If it is proved that the doctor has failed to meet the standard of care, then the patient can go ahead to file a case against the negligent medical professional or health care center and claim  compensation.
  • An Injury Caused By Carelessness:Simply proving the doctor’s failure to meet the standard of care will not help you prove the validity of your medical negligence claim. You also need to show that the injury you have suffered would not have affected you if the medical practitioner was a bit more careful during the treatment. If you injury is not the result of the doctor’s negligence, you will not be able to file a clinical negligence compensation case against your doctor.
  • The Injury Caused Remarkable Damages:The clinical negligence lawsuits are costly to litigate, often demanding the opinions of the medical experts. In order to prove the validity of the case, the suffering patient needs to prove that he has received significant damages due to the mistake of the doctor. To pursue the medical malpractice claim successfully, the patient needs to prove that the error committed by his doctor not only resulted in newer medical symptoms causing unusual sufferings and pain, but also put him out of work. The patient needs to hire the services of a medical injury claim expert to take the right path in claiming the deserved compensation. Whatever is the nature of the medical malpractice, you can be sure that your medical negligence solicitors will use his knowledge and expertise and will provide his best efforts to win the compensation on your behalf. Try to hire the services of a solicitor from a reputed law firm in the United Kingdom.

Delineating the Varieties of Medical Negligence Cases

There are various sorts of clinical negligence cases and no two cases are the same. With the complex nature of the medical science, it is for sure that even a smallest error on the doctor’s part can cause life-changing effects on the patients’ life.

Let us focus on the different types ofmedical malpractice:

  • Misdiagnosis: As a patient enters a hospital or health clinic for treatment or visits a doctor to treat his symptoms, the doctor first examines the symptoms and diagnoses the cause behind the symptoms. If the medical practitioner fails to do the diagnosis in the proper manner, there are high chances of wrong treatments that can have devastating effects on the patient’s life. Misdiagnosis primarily occurs when the symptoms are not clearly indicative of the disease. Some of the common instances of wrong diagnosis are:
  • Inability to detect  cancer
  • Failure to determine the symptoms of impending cardiac attack.
  • Wrong diagnosis of stroke
  • Wrong diagnosis of diabetes
  • Inability to recognize meningitis
  • Failure to detect Appendicitis
  • Inability to track the symptoms of DVT

If the patient is not provided with the right diagnosis and treatment, the medical negligence solicitorsconcerned medical practitioner might be held accountable for further health problems arising due to the misdiagnosis.

Delayed Diagnosis: A delayed diagnosis is one sort of clinical malpractice. If you are one of the victims of delayed diagnosis and it caused you immense suffering and physical pain, you can hold the doctor responsible for it and go ahead to file a medical malpractice claim in the court of law. However, to establish the role of delayed diagnosis in causing your medical problems, you need to seek the assistance of a professional medical negligence solicitor who will acquire the opinions of a medical expert who will check if your health problems are the results of the delayed diagnosis. A delay in diagnosis can lead to irreparable damages to a patient. If you can prove the contribution of the delayed diagnosis in causing your sufferings, you can expect high amounts of compensation.

Some of the common instances of delayed diagnosis include:

  • Delay in detecting coronary artery disease
  • Untimely diagnosis of cancer
  • Failure to diagnose Appendicitis on time
  • Delay in diagnosing stroke
  • Failure to determine internal trauma injury on time

Any of the above mentioned instances can bring down the probability of the patient’s recovery.

  • Error in Surgical Procedures: Mistake during surgical procedures can lead to a number of problems. Clinic negligence during operation often causes infection, damage of an internal organ, immune system failure and, in worst cases, even death. There are several instances where wrong surgeries led to the need for further surgeries. A doctor needs to be highly efficient in the field of surgery; otherwise he should not be allowed to perform surgeries. The surgeons also need to be highly careful while performing a surgery. Carelessness during surgery can lead to a medical negligence case.

What type of surgical errors can lead to clinical negligence cases?

Let us discuss about the surgical errors that can lead to medical negligence cases:

  • Wrong Site Surgery: This is one of the most common types of surgical mistakes. These types of surgical errors occur due to the miscommunication between the doctors performing the surgery. Often error in the hospital records misleads the surgeons and urges them to perform wrong site surgery.
  • Unintentional Laceration or PerforationOne of the most frightening risks of a surgery is that a wrong step on the part of the doctor can lead to laceration and perforation of an artery or internal organ. If such cases occur and you can prove that in the court, you will receive a good amount of compensation. You need to get the assistance of medical negligence solicitors to present the case in the court. A professional lawyer will expertly deal with your clinical negligence case and improve the chances of acquiring compensation. The greater is the severity of the injury, the higher is the amount of compensation. Surgical negligence can result in tremendous bleeding and internal organ damage.
  • Foreign Object Left in the Body During Surgery: In many instances, the patient might develop infection and sepsis after an operation. Infection can be the result of the doctor’s negligence in leaving a foreign object in the patient’s body during the surgery. There are many instances of surgical errors where gauze or some type of absorbent material is unintentionally left in the body during the operation. The effect of this medical negligence might not show up immediately after the surgery and can take a few months or even years to manifest. In the worst instances, the patient can develop life-threatening infections and die.

Medical Negligence Claims: Litigation

The clinical negligence cases often take a long period for final settlement. In order to push up the chances of compensation and settle your medical malpractice case faster, you need to seek the guidance and assistance of the professional solicitors. Before choosing a solicitor, you must perform an internet research thoroughly. You can also flip through the local directories to find your preferred solicitor.

Try to arrange a face-to-face discussion with your chosen solicitor. Tell him the whole story of your medical negligence. He will assess the case thoroughly and check if the case has the potential to receive compensation. If he is confident about winning the case, he will start collecting the documents that will prove the negligence of the doctor. Finally, he will represent the case in court on your behalf and will place logical arguments to establish that the doctor was careless enough to treat you, and his negligence is the reason behind your suffering and pain. If the doctor is ready to accept his guilt before filing the case in court and is willing to go for an out-of-the-court settlement, the solicitor will negotiate with the guilty party and will decide an amount of compensation to be paid by the guilty party. The same litigation procedure is followed by the solicitors dealing with car accident claims.