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Guidelines the NHS has Laid Down regarding Medical Negligence

"medical negligence solicitors"Medical negligence, under the legal purview, is defined as failure or inability of a healthcare professional, including a physician to cater the adequate standard of care. The consequences of such actions often lead to new physical complications or trigger the existing health condition, leading to serious injuries. Such acts are categorized under the provision of personal injury law. In case the allegations are proven correct, the responsible party is held liable to compensate the patient for the damages caused. The increasing numbers of clinical negligence cases in the UK since last few years have made the insurance companies pay millions of pounds to the aggrieved parties and consequently, have drawn attention of the NHS. If a person has reasons to believe that the nature of problems he is suffering from has caused due to clinical negligence, he may lodge a complaint before a court of law, adhering to the guidelines of the NHS medical negligence.

Actions that are considered as Medical Negligence:

The acts of clinical negligence are diverse in nature and may occur due to misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, wrong treatment and inadequate care. Here follows information on the most common forms of medical negligence:

  • Any form of birth injury such as breech birth, troubled labor and negligent caesarian delivery, for which the concerned physician and associated healthcare professionals are responsible
  • Cerebral palsy – if that is caused due to any form of birth complications, resulted due to negligent actions of the healthcare professionals
  • Misdiagnosis of a health condition, whether it has been caused due to incompetence or negligent act of the responsible professional/s
  • Any incident of preventable death for which irresponsible actions of the medical professional is the main reason
  • Reluctance to address an emergency situation, with complete awareness of the condition
  • Psychological trauma caused as consequence of the wrongful treatment

If any person has gone through any forms of aforesaid types of medical negligence, legally he/she is entitled for compensation. However, it support of the argument, the plaintiff should submit the required evidences that will make the elements of defending party’s liability for the injury explicit. Personal injury solicitors with expertise in this field are the most qualified professionals to provide the required help.

How Costly Can the Claim Be?

It is widely considered that legal battle against acts of medical negligence can be extremely costly and most people don’t have the resources to continue the battle. This is one of the main reasons that many of the cases remain unaddressed. However, with the help of a qualified medical negligence solicitor you may demand justice. The no win no fee schemes offered by the reputable law firms of the UK are most effective in this context. If the lawyer or law firm thinks that your case has quite a good chance to win, he/they may offer you with facility. With this scheme the lawyer or the firm will take all responsibility of your proceeding. If the court rules in your favor, you will be awarded with 100% of the estimated compensation cost, in addition to the charges of legal proceeding and the lawyer’s fee. A medical negligence solicitor will be happy to provide you with free advice regarding the best way to deal with the NHS medical negligence claim.

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