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Gynaecology Claims For Negligence

If you have suffered due to negligence whilst being treated for a gynaecological condition, or during childbirth, our experienced gynaecology Gynaecologyclaims solicitors may be able to help you seek recompense for your suffering. Whether your injuries were caused by surgical error, negligence during routine testing, or while you were in labour, if the hospital or doctor can be found negligible in their duty of care, there is a strong chance you’ll be entitled to 100% compensation for your injuries. For confidential advice, or to initiate a claim, submit your enquiry online and we’ll call you straight back.

Gynaecologists can rarely be faulted for their unwavering commitment to excellent standards in relation to patient treatment, referral and care. From conditions affecting reproductive health, to childbirth and obstetric care, they can be relied upon for all aspects of our gynaecological welfare. Occasionally, however, these standards fall well below those expected by patients and the CQC (Care Quality Commission), causing unnecessary injury or suffering for the patient concerned.

A significant proportion of gynaecology claims arise for errors and complications arising from surgery and exploratory procedures, such as laparoscopy, however, they can also occur during childbirth and routine gynaecological examinations. You may be entitled to file a claim if you suffered as a result of:

• A failed sterilisation/ vasectomy which resulted in unwanted pregnancy.
• Errors which occurred during a laparoscopic sterilisation procedure.
• Misdiagnosis of endometriosis or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
• Surgical errors which led to perforation of the bowel, bladder or uterus.
• Failure to refer a patient for/ perform an emergency hysterectomy.
• Failure to seek consent for sterilisation surgery.
• Delays in the diagnosis/ confirmation of cancer.
• Errors in diagnosing molar or ectopic pregnancy.
• Failure to recognise the symptoms of pre-eclampsia.
• Complications during childbirth.
• A wrongly administered epidural or anaesthetic.
• Infection attributed to poor standards of hygiene or contaminated medical equipment.

If you believe your injuries were caused by any of the above, or that you have suffered due to substandard care, contact our medical negligence solicitors for an immediate assessment of your case using the online form. We offer a free claim assessment and consultation to anyone thinking about pursuing a claim, and can often provide a decision within minutes of receiving your online enquiry. Birth injury claims in the UK are very common.

Gynaecological Negligence Claims

Gynaecology ClaimGynaecological conditions don’t just affect those who are sexually active. In fact, many conditions that affect reproductive health are genetic or age-related. Whether you are trying to conceive, or you are suffering from complications due to age-related changes that affect the reproductive system, it’s more than likely you’ll need to seek the opinion of a gynaecologist at some point in life.

For most, a visit to the gynaecologist differs little to a routine appointment at the dentist, and they receive exactly the standard of care and treatment expected from a medical professional. Unfortunately there are occasions where by act or omission, the negligence of a gynaecologist leads to unnecessary suffering for the patient – either in the form of a physical injury, or because a condition was not diagnosed early enough for treatment to be effective. Errors during surgery for sterilisation account for the vast majority of gynaecology claims, however, a significant proportion are also brought for negligent obstetric care during childbirth. In these circumstances, the mother can file a claim for both personal injury, and injury caused to her child due to negligent care.

How Much is Your Gynaecology Claim Worth?

It is rare to suffer injury as a direct result of exploratory surgery or routine examination, with the majority of gynaecology claims attributed to negligence in pre-natal and obstetric care. But whether you suffered during childbirth or not, the resultant psychological trauma is enough to put you off seeing a gynaecologist for some time after your ordeal. Compensation for a gynaecology claim is decided by factoring in the level of psychological trauma suffered, as well as the type and severity of injury caused.

Below are some representative examples of compensation ranges for some of the more common gynaecological injuries caused by negligence:

• Failed sterilisation or vasectomy which results in unwanted pregnancy: £6,750 – £11,500*
• Minor injury which only partially affects male sterility: £4,350 – £6,750*
• Minor internal injury or bruising: £2,600 – £6,500*
• Impotence caused by surgical error: up to £51,500*
• Sterility without permanent impotence: £20,500 – £46,750*
• Moderate psychological trauma/ depression: £12,500 – £36,000*

If you believe you may have grounds for a no win no fee medical negligence claim, consult with our gynaecology experts who can advise of your entitlement based on the strength of your case. Call our free-phone helpline number, or use the secure online enquiry form if you’d prefer for us to call you back.