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Hospital Negligence

Mistakes can happen in any profession, but when it comes to patient care, misdiagnosis and incompetence can have a discernible impact upon the life and wellbeing of an individual. Hospital negligence occurs when a medical professional has failed to comply with acceptable standards, leading to the undue suffering or injury of a patient in their care. Doctors and consultants are professionals most commonly associated with ‘medical responsibility’, however, anyone caring for patients under the arm of a primary care trust or hospital has this duty of care.


A breach of expected responsibility or care is commonly referred to as “medical negligence”, but may also be called “hospital negligence” in cases involving physicians, nurses and consultants. If you believe the standard of care you received was below par, subsequently contributing to an illness or injury not relative to a pre-existing medical condition, we could help you make a no win no fee hospital negligence claim. We do not charge a fee for any aspect of our service, and are committed to ensuring you receive full settlement for your suffering.


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Types of Hospital Negligence


Hospital negligence can refer to a single mistake made by a nurse, doctor or physician, or a collective failure made by more than one person. In most cases, clinical negligence occurs because of one person’s failure to comply with accepted standards, or a simple mistake. Causations vary greatly, ranging from illegible medical records, to administering an incorrect dose of medication. Whilst efforts can, and usually are made to rectify a short-sighted error, it can sometimes be too late for the patient in question.


Hospital negligence can lead to:

  •    Brain injury
  •   Brachial plexus injury
  •   Paralysis
  •   Advance of a misdiagnosed or missed condition.
  •   Spinal injury
  •   Hypoxic-anoxic brain injury
  •   Preventable fatality
  •   Post traumatic stress disorder
  •   MRSA infection



Making A Medical Negligence Claim


Hospital negligence claims are undeniably complex. There are many factors that must be investigated before a claim for compensation can even be considered. Our expert panel of medical negligence solicitors have successfully fought a diverse range of cases in recent years, including those brought about by hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA. Although not always easy to prove, we do our utmost to investigate each and every case on its own merit, with a view to getting you full and final settlement for your claim. There are certain circumstances where we may be able to secure compensation for other losses incurred.


Common examples of additional damages sought include:


  •   Rehabilitation care costs
  •   Home modification expenses
  •   Costs covering loss of earnings during a period of incapacity
  •   Interest
  •   Specialist medical care/ consultation fees
  •   Expenses for corrective or reconstructive surgery


While not all cases will qualify for damages in addition to hospital negligence compensation, we will do our utmost to seek the maximum amount for every claim we undertake. Contact us today to discuss your right to a claim via the online form, or by calling us on our free phone number provided above.