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Hospital Standards a Miss in the UK

"hospital negligence"Nobody ever wants to visit the hospital. It can be a very scary experience. It is no wonder people want to just go to a chemist and get over the counter medicine and treat themselves instead of going to hospital. Nonetheless  if the symptoms persist seek medical advice is inevitable, hence once ends up in the hospital whether they like it or not.

Hospitals in the UK should be very good and have the highest standards of service, but this is not the case as there are so many cases of hospital negligence. It is said that err is to human and this is true and in every profession mistakes are bound to happen. However when this happens in hospitals where human health is involved, this can prove very detrimental. Hospital negligence occurs when the medical professionals have failed to follow the laws of their expertise to the latter. This is very dangerous to the patients as they are always at the mercy of the doctors. They are totally vulnerable when they are sick and cannot do anything about their health except trust that the doctors know what they are doing, and leave their lives in the doctors hands.

Unfortunately this goes in the opposite direction as the doctors don’t fulfil their end of the bargain. When one is admitted in hospital, the doctors and nurses should provide the best care as possible for the patients. If this falls short of the patient’s standards or expectations, he or she has the right to file for a medical negligence claim.

According the BBC news, 10 year old boy was left with cerebral palsy and learning disabilities when a UK hospital failed to identify a bowel condition when he was a baby. The boy was awarded 5.8million pounds for his future care. The hospital has since then made apologies for what occurred.

On another story, parents sued a hospital after they had wrongfully pronounced their eight year old son dead. The doctors had refused to listen to the boy’s parents when they said that he was moving and instead insisted that he was dead.

In such devastating cases, medical negligence solicitors come in handy. They make sure that such cases are handled and such doctors face the law. All doctors are responsible for their patients and should be very careful when they handle them. Life is very sacred and how doctors treat it matters a lot.

Medical negligence solicitors make sure that even though a patient doesn’t have a lot of money they see to it the claim is successful regardless. With no win no fee solicitors especially, they do not get paid unless they have successfully solved the case.

One should never hesitate to make a claim if they feel that there was a case of hospital negligence. They should put themselves out there so as to receive justice. This may not relieve their pain, but will change situations for other patients.

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