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How to Use an Online Compensation Calculator

Victims of professional negligence, especially those who suffer the consequences of clinical malpractice, are generally incapacitated persons who wish to file claims but in the end, opt out filing court cases just because they do not feel certain about the estimated compensation amount. They also fear consulting with solicitors over the phone as they think that the solicitors would keep cold calling them once their number gets in their database. Many of these victims forget about the power of internet and are not quite aware of how to use an online compensation calculator. This way, many potential claims do not see the light of litigation and the pain and sufferings of the victims remain as untold stories. It is, therefore, imperative for every accident victim to check out the online solutions.

How to find and use an online compensation calculator

An online compensation claim calculator is nothing but a form which can be commonly found on the websites of the medical negligence solicitors. Enquirers are required to put in few details such as their name, address with postcode, your age, approximate date of the accident (you need to mention whether the accident happened before three years or not) and few other details. You also need to provide information on your injured body parts and illnesses that resulted from medical negligence. The information you provide will be used by the solicitors to calculate the compensation amount you are likely to win. Most solicitor firms contact the enquirers via phone or mail whereas some firms send their representatives to the enquirers in person depending on whether the enquirers are completely bedridden or not. Keep in mind that the more accurate information you provide, the higher your chances of winning the claim are.

Getting a brief idea

You can also gather pertinent information about possible outcome of your claim from the websites of the clinical negligence lawyers. Experienced solicitors check through the databases of their previously handled cases that ended successfully in favor of their clients and furnish the estimated compensation amount for different types of claims. You can get a brief idea of your claim’s value by scanning through these figures that are extracted from historical data. Please note that these figures are calculated and furnished based on verdicts given on previously filed claims and these figures may vary in your hospital negligence case.

Advantage of using a claims administering agency

There are two types of firms that deal with compensation claim cases. There are solicitor firms that are run by solicitors and compensation claims management firms consisting of legal professionals and managers who look after the marketing and arbitration part. If you choose a claims administering company instead of a solicitor’s firm, what you will get is better management of your clinical negligence case. Use the compensation claim calculator available on most claims services websites to know whether filing a claim is a feasible option or you are risking your money. Do not forget to discuss your case with a solicitor over the phone before finally appointing him or her.

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