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Laser Hair Removal Claim

Have you suffered injury due to complications during or after a laser hair removal procedure? If you suffered burns, scarring or any other type of Laser Hair Removalinjury following laser hair removal treatment, you could be entitled to file a claim for damages against the person who treated you. Our laser hair removal claims experts encounter hundreds of claims of this nature on an annual basis, and are successful in recovering no less than 100% compensation on behalf of the majority of clients. Complete the online form to arrange a no obligation consultation today, and we’ll carry out a free assessment at no extra cost!

Traditional hair removal techniques are time consuming and ineffective. Even waxing will only achieve short-term results. Laser hair removal is an obvious choice for those who suffer from excess body hair. Quick, convenient, and with relatively fewer side effects than waxing or epilation, laser hair removal procedures have transformed the lives of many thousands of people in the UK. But, as with any type of treatment involving the use of lasers, there are some risks associated with the procedure due to the way lasers are primed to penetrate the dermal layer. This risk is significantly heightened if the clinician or beautician carrying out the procedure is not adequately trained, or fails to take proper safety precautions.

Laser hair removal claims can be made for a wide range of injuries caused by one or more laser treatments, including:

• Skin tearing and abrasions
• Burns and blistering affecting the skin (first, second and third degree)
• Discolouration of the skin
• Cosmetic scarring
• Adverse physical reaction to treatment (such as a rash)
• Infections caused by poor standards of hygiene
• Injuries which affect eye sight (long or short-term)

Anyone wishing to carry out laser hair removal treatment in private practices, beauty salons, or their own home is required by law to register with, and agree to be supervised by the CQC (Care Quality Commission). The practitioner offering treatments must also have a licence to carry out such procedures, and be educated to a minimum of NVQ Level 3 standard. Despite revisions to legislation, a number of beauty salons continue to offer treatments with unapproved equipment, putting their clients at risk.

If you have suffered due to the negligence or error of your beauty therapist or a laser treatment practitioner, you have a legitimate right to seek legal advice, with a view to obtaining compensation for your injuries. Our personal injury solicitors have significant experience of laser hair removal claims, and can offer guidance without cost or obligation. Simply complete the online form to arrange an immediate assessment of your case, and one of our solicitors will call you back to consult with you further.

How Laser Hair Removal Treatments Work

Laser hair removal is a fast and effective way to treat stubborn hair growth, and minimise the likelihood of regrowth with several successive treatments. A laser beam is used to target hair follicles individually, directing an intense beam of light into the cell. The heat of the laser is absorbed the pigment ‘melanin’, effectively severing the supply of the pigment to the follicle, causing it to die off. A number of treatments will usually be necessary to prevent regrowth, however, it is not always suitable for those with darker skin tones owing to the increased level of melanin found within the hair follicles. Practitioners carrying out treatments on either fair or dark skinned clients should take extra care to ensure the laser does not reach a certain temperature, since this can cause irreversible complications ranging from surface burns and blistering, to permanent scarring.

Common Causes of Laser Hair Removal Complications

Any procedure involving the use of lasers carries some degree of inherent risk, however, these risks are generally minimal owing to the skill of practitioners, and precautionary measures taken to ensure candidates are suitable for treatment. The most common complaint arising from laser hair removal claims is skin irritation, which is to be expected given the sheer power of the laser used. Some complaints, however, are not acceptable side effects of treatment; injuries such as burns, blistering and scarring synonymous with treatments that are not suitable for candidates, or have not been performed correctly.

Laser hair removal complications are commonly attributed to the negligence of a practitioner. Failure to conduct a thorough pre-treatment examination of the client could likely result in treatment being given, which then exacerbates a pre-existing condition. More commonly, practitioners negate to alter the settings of a laser in accordance with a person’s skin type, resulting in burns and skin irritation for a number of weeks afterwards. It has been known for practitioners to miss the obvious signs of skin irritation or a reaction to treatment, meaning that when treatment is carried out, it causes further inflammation or burning to an already affected area of the body.

Laser Hair Removal Claims Experts

The expertise of a specialist personal injury solicitor can make all the difference to the possibility of a successful outcome if you’re thinking about filing a laser hair removal claim. Cases are often complicated, and may require additional evidence to corroborate injuries suffered. Your solicitor must show that the person who treated you failed in their duty of care, and that your injuries were a direct consequence of their negligence.
Our no win no fee guarantee means you’ll never have to worry about potential legal costs when filing a claim, as all associated legal fees are recovered from the person or organisation at fault. Neither do we make any deductions to compensation awards for our own commission, meaning you are guaranteed 100% of any compensation recovered.

If you have suffered following a laser treatment procedure, and would like advice about how to proceed with a claim, contact our medical negligence solicitors in confidence by calling the free helpline number. Our advice is offered free and without obligation, and you’re under no pressure to continue with a claim based on the information given.