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Many in pain are filing dental negligence claims in the UK

Going to a dentist is not a walk in the park. This is considering all the pain that one could be experiencing and also the scariness of being in a dentist chair. We cannot avoid them though because they know how to fix our teeth problems. medical negligenceHowever there are so many dental negligence claims in the UK that are simply mind boggling. We all know that dentists should know exactly what they are dealing with. Since they are not general practitioners, they have dwelt on one particular field of medicine, meaning that they know exactly what they should do in intricate detail. This is sadly not the case.

Dental negligence

Dental negligence is when dentists are sloppy with their profession, causing immense pain to their patients. This is very disheartening considering that teeth are quite sensitive to us. Until one has really gone through a tooth issue, only then can you understand the pain that patients have to go through under negligence. Here are some facts about teeth that will encourage you to make sure that you file some claims because dentists should really take patients seriously.

  1. One fact is that humans have only two sets of teeth in their entire lifetime. These are baby teeth and permanent teeth. Once one has developed permanent teeth, there is no going back because there are no other teeth that will develop. This is one fact that every dentist should take note of before becoming negligent with the patients.
  2. Every human being is unique when it comes to the set of teeth. The teeth are very unique just as the finger print. This is one fact that dentists also need to take heed of because some of them are very complacent and treat all patients the same way. Even though conditions could be the same, every patient is an individual with a different set of teeth.
  3. Another fact is that many illnesses are actually linked to your oral health. This is all including heart conditions, osteoporosis and diabetes. With this knowledge, every dentist should know that whatever mistake that they make will lead to a lot of damage to an individual. And this is why filing dental negligence claims is very much advised.

The above are three among many facts about teeth. When you think about them one can see that that they are clearly a big part of our body even though very small. Without good teeth it is impossible to have a good smile.

How does dental negligence occur?

There are very many ways in which dental negligence happens all depending on the condition that one is being treated for. Here are some of the ways it can happen.

  • Reaction to medication or anaesthesia: It is clearly the duty of every medical expert to make sure that they check through a patient’s medical history before they administer treatment. This is because not everybody reacts to treatment the same way. It shows a lot of carelessness when dentists do not seem to take this seriously. Some dentists have prescribed medicines to patients who have cancers and this has clearly brought a lot of problems in turn.
  • Delayed referral: There are some dental conditions that cannot wait as they can become really bad causing grave issues. Whenever one is ailing it is the responsibility of every medical expert to act in haste to treat the patients. Besides, it is their duty to do so. Then when this happens, there are a lot more complications that could crop up.
  • Cosmetic procedure complications: Some people would like their teeth to be improved and all they can do is visit a dentist in the process. Such improvements include, teeth whitening, or straightening. While in this process, dental negligence claimsmany have been harmed tremendously. According to a section of a story, a woman was left with permanent damage in the hands of a dentist. This clearly leaves many in so many problems in the end and this is why it is always advised to file dental negligence claims.
  • Extraction of the wrong teeth: There are many out there who have been really sick form dentists removing their wrong teeth. This is just pure negligence at its best because how can one quantify a dentist not knowing what tooth is unwell? These are the mistakes that cause people not to have even the slightest of faith in dentistry. And who can blame them?

These are just the few of the mistakes that one can find under dental negligence. If you have been a victim of any of the above or any others, you have to make sure that you file a claim as soon as possible.

Filing a claim:

Some people are really afraid to file claims against their dentists. Well the dentists are liable to answer when they have not been careful with your life. This is why you should never hesitate to find compensation for all the pain you have to go through. When you file a claim, you will be getting answers and justice for all the pain that you will be going through. There are very many patients out there who have had to go through the hands of many incompetent dentists and haven’t done anything about it. When you file a claim you will basically stand up for many out there who need some answers as well.

How to go about filing a claim:

With all the above information, there is no doubt about filing a claim except how to go about it. When you have had to go through damage of your teeth, make sure that you find a good solicitor to make sure that you are represented in court so that you are properly compensated. Solicitors are well read in the field of medical negligence and will make sure that everything goes well for you. Don’t suffer in silence, just file a claim today.

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