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Medical Equipment Failures And Compensation Claims

Have you suffered from preventable complications whilst being treated in hospital due to defective medical equipment? If you believe your Medical Equipment Failures suffering is directly attributed to problems with medical equipment, surgical apparatus or defective monitors, our medical negligence solicitors may be able to assist you in the recovery of compensation. Our clinical negligence specialists have helped many victims access justice on a no win no fee basis, and provide impartial advice for anyone thinking about pursuing a claim. Find out whether you qualify by speaking to one of our dedicated legal experts today.

The safety and correct function of medical equipment is vital to those in the medical profession. Whether being treated in a hospital, clinic or by your GP, it is likely the practitioner treating you will rely upon some form of medical equipment or apparatus to assist in making an accurate and correct diagnosis. The majority of equipment supplied to the NHS has been rigorously tested prior to sale to ensure it is fit for purpose, however, there are occasions where defective medical equipment and surgical apparatus have been known to cause serious problems for the patient being treated.

We encounter many different types of claims relating to medical equipment failure, including those relating to:

  • Defective wiring and components affecting ultrasound scanners.
  • Faults with heart/ breathing monitors and sensors.
  • Production faults with drip and colostomy bags.
  • Poorly manufactured endotracheal tubes.
  • Bent or compressed injection needles.
  • Faults with monitor screens.
  • Unsterilised surgical equipment.
  • Manufacturing faults with prosthetics, such as hip joints.
  • Poorly maintained electrical equipment.
  • Metal hip implants manufactured with De Puy metals.
  • Production/ wiring faults affecting pacemakers.

The 1987 Consumer Protection Act was incepted for the safety and well-being of consumers, including those who are treated using medical equipment and apparatus manufactured by UK suppliers. Any product which can be proven to have caused injury or unnecessary harm when used correctly, can make that company liable for product liability compensation payable to the injured victims. Conversely, if the negligence of a medical professional (when using medical equipment) is found to be the primary cause, he/ she would be liable for any claim made for subsequent patient injuries.

If you came to any type of harm whilst being treated by a medical professional, and believe your injuries are attributed to problems with medical equipment or apparatus, consult with one of our medical negligence solicitors about the possibility of making a no win no fee claim for injury compensation. We offer free impartial advice and a free claim assessment. Submit your enquiry online today.

Why Do Medical Equipment Failures Occur?

From sterilised surgical apparatus to heart monitors and ultrasound scanners, the medical profession relies upon the supply of a broad range of medical equipment and technology for the day to day treatment of patients. Suppliers are generally thoroughly vetted prior to any formal contract being agreed with a hospital, and must also comply with regulations set out in the Consumer Protection Act 1987, which outlines the required safety checks and minimum standards acceptable for products manufactured and sold in the UK. Unfortunately, despite this legislation, a number of suppliers continue to provide equipment which is either unsafe, or has not been tested thoroughly to ensure it meets legal safety standards.

Medical Negligence or Product Fault?

Not all types of medical equipment failure are caused by manufacturing faults. In some cases, the negligence of a medical professional or Medical Equipment Solicitorshospital staff may be to blame – particularly if that person is not suitably trained in the operation of equipment, or fails to carry out safety checks and maintenance as per the demands of their role. All hospital staff have a legal duty of responsibility to ensure that medical equipment is sterilised and fit for purpose. Hospital management must also ensure that routine safety checks and maintenance are carried out on electrical appliances. Any failure in this duty of responsibility which leads to preventable injury could make that person liable for any injury compensation payable.

Claims involving faulty medical equipment aren’t always straightforward, and it may not always be easy to distinguish who is at fault. Our medical negligence solicitors can help with a thorough investigation of your case as part of the no win no fee agreement, compiling all evidence necessary to  build a solid case. We’re committed to accessing justice on behalf of every client, and will fight on your behalf for 100% compensation. Contact us for advice today by calling our free claim helpline, or submitting a call-back request using the online form provided.