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Medical Inattention: An Offense That Shouldn’t Go Unnoticed and Unpunished

"clinical negligence"The healthcare model of the UK is widely celebrated all over the world as it is assumed to be one of the most effective systems when it comes to protecting the health condition of people under need, to the best possible extent. Unfortunately, the picture we are receiving of the UK healthcare sector since past couple of years, delivers quite a different impression than what is conceived. According to the latest information, the rate of clinical negligence in the UK has increased at least 10%, compared to the earlier times. The situation has risen to such an extent that the supreme body, responsible for healthcare management in the country – NHS – has been forced to deal with a bill £15.7 billion bill that is aimed at improving the situation, a recent The Telegraph report says.

What is Clinical Negligence?

Clinical or medical negligence can simply be defined as an act of negligence or reluctance from a healthcare professional that has or could have amounted to certain type of personal injury to a patient. As such mistakes, out of professional negligence, reluctance or incompetence, lead to complications that may infringe an individual from enjoying his fundamental rights are considered offense on part of the offending party and consequently tried under the personal injury law. Mistakes of such nature are under immediate need of controlling as overall improvement of public health suffers greatly and the constitutional promise to provide adequate importance to individual’s life loses its foundation.

The Reasons behind Increasing Number of Medical Negligence Cases in the UK:

  • The number of patients in need has increased significantly but there hasn’t really been any such improvement that could balance the equation of demand and delivery.
  • The urgency for modernizing managerial functioning of the NHS but absence of proper initiative that could have materialized it.
  • The need for opening up medical training institutions that could introduce experts in this scenario. Not only such projects are getting deterred but also some of such training centers are shut down.
  • The requirement for stricter application of clinical negligence law but not all such incidents are receiving adequate attention from the legal bodies.

Clinical Negligence Cases Shouldn’t Go Unnoticed and Unpunished:

Guaranteeing citizens with the right to life comes under one of the fundamental constitutional principles of any democratic constituency and the UK is of no exception in this context. However, the promise is only fulfilled when the government provides proper value to lives of individuals. The recent scenario of the country provides a picture that stands at an antithesis to such claim. The increasing number of clinical negligence cases in the UK clearly shows public health is not secure anymore and the supreme body of governance has also lost its command over the subordinate bodies of governance. Clearly, flaw in the system was actually a creation of the government and the government should be responsible enough to gain its control back over the situation. Providing adequate legal importance to each case of medical negligence and delivering justice to victims is one of the most effective ways to increase awareness about sensitivity of the issue.

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