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What Medical Negligence Claims We Deal With

If you have encountered personal injury following a routine medical procedure, or you have been misdiagnosed leading to additional health complications, you could be entitled to make a no win no fee claim for medical negligence compensation.

“Malpractice” and “clinical negligence” are both terms used to describe the questionable conduct of a medical professional, as well as any treatment resulting in unnecessary pain or suffering. Medical negligence claims can be made irrespective of whether you received treatment on the NHS, or from a private practitioner, and can be made against an individual or department.


Medical negligence claims might include:

  •   Misdiagnoses : leading to unnecessary complications or sickness.
  •   Birth injury: where a child has suffered due to a compromised labour or forceps delivery.
  •   Medical liability:  where an individual has contracted a non-relative infection or disease during treatment.
  •   Unusual side effects: chronic symptoms as a result of treatment/ surgery you were not told about.
  •   Cerebral palsy: caused by a difficult birth.
  •   Brain injury: where an individual has suffered at birth, or as a result of medical failure.
  •   Fatality: due to medical error or misdiagnosis
  •   Delayed diagnosis: leading to additional, possibly preventable health complications


Our specialist clinical negligence solicitors are experts in all aspects of medical negligence claims. Our costless service is unparalleled in the UK, and in many cases, we are able to seek additional damages for the costs of medical bills and losses. We are committed to fighting for every client suffering as a result of clinical negligence, with a view to getting you 100% of the compensation due for your injuries. For free legal advice concerning your entitlement to compensation, speak to us today.


Raising Standards

Standards of health-care provision in the UK are generally considered to be quite high, but this does not prevent errors occurring. Unlike many professions, the duty of care and responsibility a medical professional must possess have a direct impact on the treatment of patients. Occasionally, the expected level of care falls below par, and can have dire repercussions for the patient involved. A simple mis-diagnosis may lead to complex health problems which further incapacitate an individual, thus causing him/ her to require extra time off work, or even take redundancy. The health implications alone are difficult to deal with, but when coupled with spiraling bills vs. reduced income, spell disaster in the longterm.

Our medical negligence claims specialists are committed to raising the standards of general practice and care in the medical industry. By making a claim, you could be helping to prevent future mistakes that pose a threat to the wellbeing of other patients.


No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Compensation

Contrary to many personal injury claims companies, our medical negligence claims solicitors do not charge for representation. Their main objective is to secure full and final settlement on behalf of clients, with all legal fees being recovered from the other side. In some cases, we may also be able to arrange and seek damages for:

  •   Loss of earnings
  •   Medical costs
  •   Longterm care costs
  •   Recuperative/ rehabilitative treatment
  •   Financial commitments, such as mortgage repayments

Not all claims will qualify for additional damages, however we will do our best to secure the maximum settlement in every case. To speak to us today concerning your right to a claim, complete the short form provided and a member of our specialist legal team will contact you at a time to suit. For free advice and to make a claim, you can also call us on the free phone number provided at the top of this page.