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Medical Negligence compensation

Have you been injured as a result of malpractice or incompetence? “Medical negligence” and “clinical negligence” collectively apply to all practitioners of medicine, from surgeons and psychologists, to general health practitioners and care home staff. It is rare that complications arise as a result of malpractice or mis-diagnosis, but when it happens, the outcome is sufficiently devastating and vastly impacting upon the life of the individual concerned. This may make you eligible for medical negligence compensation.

If you have suffered illness or injury as a result of compromised treatment, care or mis-diagnosis, our experienced no win no fee solicitors could pursue a claim on your behalf.

With years of vested experience in clinical law, our adept medical injury solicitors are the go-to medium for all types of medical negligence compensation claims. Their services are extended on a no win no fee basis, with the assurance you keep 100% of the compensation if successful. To find out how we can help you, speak to one of our specialist legal team today.

Medical Negligence Compensation – What It Covers

Mis-diagnosis might refer to the delayed diagnosis of a condition, even though adequate examinations and tests were conducted, whereas malpractice defines any preventable act or error that separately contribute to the suffering of a patient. If a medical negligence solicitor can prove beyond all reasonable doubt that clinical negligence caused this additional suffering, it could be grounds for a medical negligence compensation claim.

Some examples of medical negligence include:

  •   Mis-diagnosis, resulting in delayed treatment and/ or additional health complications.
  •   Birth injuries, such as Brachial Plexus, Cerebral Palsy and bone fractures.
  •   Hypoxic-anoxic brain injury, caused by lack of oxygen at birth/ during surgery.
  •   Medical liability – such as non-relative infections caught during a hospital stay.
  •   Death of a relative/ loved one.
  •   Undisclosed side effects of treatment.
  •   Malpractice, leading to injury, disfigurement or illness.

Compensation – The Deciding Factor

A plethora of evidence must be taken into account prior to considering any medical negligence compensation amount, including the severity of a patient’s condition. Whether you are claiming for a birth injury, or mis-diagnosis, the law requires sufficient proof before a claim can be filed. With many years experience fighting on behalf of clients, our medical negligence solicitors are recognised leaders in medical negligence law. Offering a win or lose no win no fee guarantee, they could help you compile a claim that will meet the basic requirements.


Typical examples of medical negligence compensation amounts:

  •   Hypoxic-anoxic brain injury – from £65,000*
  •   Dental error, leading to loss of a healthy tooth – up to £2,400*
  •   Facial disfigurement – from £2,300 to £100,000*
  •   Post traumatic stress disorder – from £2,500 to £62,400*
  •   Spinal injury – from £5,000*

*Examples given for illustrative purposes only. Compensation amounts will differ depending on the cause, severity and nature of illness, as well as additional damages.

We understand that in many cases, solid proof may be difficult to obtain. With your consent, our medical negligence lawyers can investigate on your behalf to find out if you have a claim. Contact us today via the online form for immediate assessment of your case, or by calling our expert legal team on our free phone number provided above. Advice is offered on a no-obligation basis, so you’ve nothing to lose!