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Medical negligence hospital compensation

Patient to get multi-million pound compensation due to medical negligence by the hospital.

As per the ruling in the London High Court, a patient is entitled to get a multi-million pound as claims for medical negligence. He sustained brain injury while being treated in the hospital.

Thirty-three year old Christopher Line, a resident of Colchester suffered severe cerebral damage after he was administered an overdose of wrong medicine. This has done irreparable damage to his body. The movement of his legs and arms have become constricted which has made him fully dependant on others.

The incident occurred in the Lakes Mental Health Unit in June 2008 where he was under treatment.

The North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust took full responsibility of the medical negligence on their part. Its counsel James Watson QC apologised in the court during the hearing for the hospital negligence.

In the ruling, the High Court awarded a compensation of £2.1 m, apart from an annual sum of £205,000.

The North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is prepared to pay the medical negligence claim. Their spokesman during press conference said that the compensation for medical negligence on their part would usher in a qualitative change in the life of Chistopher Lines. Undoubtedly, he has suffered severe brain injuries due to the wrong medication during his treatment in the hospital. But hopefully, the compensation amount will help her to get adequate care for the rest of her life.

Steve and Carole, the parents of Lee, who brought the medical claims on her behalf, echoed the same sentiments. They have been vigorously pursuing the claim since the last four years. It has had a devastating effect on the family. He said that the money, at hindsight, may seem substantial but is essential for his regular treatment and care.

He went to the hospital for the treatment. After that, his life is in shambles. Now, he is bereft of the small as well profound pleasures of life due to the hospital’s mistake. The medical negligence compensation amount will alleviate his daily rigours to certain extent.

Notwithstanding the vast improvement in health care facilities, increasing number of medical negligence cases are being reported. In such cases, it is important for the affected party to be represented adroitly in the court. Then only, his grievances will be effectively put forwarded before the court. The medical negligence compensation should also commensurate with the damage done.

The medical negligence solicitors exclusively deal with such cases. Sometimes the affected parties are not in a position to pay the solicitor’s fees in case of an adverse ruling. Approaching no win no fee medical negligence solicitorsis the best thing to do in such cases. Such solicitors are very capable and put in their best effort to get a favourable result as they do not receive a fee otherwise.  If you are ever unsure if you can claim compensation for medical negligence against the NHS contact a medical negligence solicitor and get free advice.


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