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Medical negligence husband seeks judicial review

Mike Thurman lost his lovely wife, Angela to liver cancer last September at the age of 67. His personal loss is tremendous, and it is compounded by the fact that he strongly believes that she died due to negligence on the part of authorities at West Suffolk Hospital in West Sussex.

Angela and Mike Thurman were residents of Fuerteventure in the Canary Islands for eight years. In February 2011, Mrs Thurman complained of severe stomach pains. Realising that this was serious matter and that she required the finest medical care, they moved to West Suffolk. They gave all the relevant medical records from Fuerteventura hospital to the West Suffolk Hospital. There was a dispute about the 25 page biopsy report, Mr Thurman claims he eventually emailed it, though there is no evidence of that.


Ten days before she passed away, Mrs Thurman had to be rushed to the hospital to receive a drip, which was required to reduce the calcium levels in her body, something that is generally a 15-minute process at the hospital. However, on this particular day, she was sent to the hospital’s emergency room, where little attention was paid to her due to the rush from a serious accident.


The next morning, the family discovered that Mrs Thurman had been moved to another ward, and was very upset about the fact that she had not been given any of her regular painkillers. This medical negligence was the result of her pain killers having been misplaced. She also complained about the lack of care by the nursing staff, even though they claimed that they had checked on her every two hours.


When confronted with the acts of clinical negligence, in front of the Health Ombudsman, the hospital authorities acknowledged that there were two appointment mix-ups. Mr. Thurman was critical of delays, of a lack of communication between the family and the nursing staff, and also of clear medical irresponsibility in not giving the patient her required painkillers on time.


The ombudsman reports states that “care could have been better”, and it concludes “In our view the trust has provided a reasonable response to your concerns about this and provided appropriate apologies. No further action will be taken”. There are 14 apologies from the trust, but these have in no way mitigated the anger that Angela’s family feels towards, what they feel, is a clear case of hospital negligence. Mr Thurman said, “they say they’ve got it on record [at the hospital} that this was done and that was done, but I was there and my daughter was there and we witnessed it, everything they say, they’ve contradicted us”.


Mr Thurman strongly feels that there should he should claim compensation, and that the authorities should not be let off with just a mild apology. If he hired the services of no win no fee medical negligence solicitors, he could ask for a judicial review of the report and seek retribution and compensation. Medical negligence claims can be filed stating the acknowledgment on the part of the hospital with regards to some degree of paucity in their services.

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