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Medical Negligence in Pregnancy and Childbirths in the UK

It is very unfortunate that the personal injury solicitors are seeing a vast increase in the medical negligence cases in London, especially ignorance concerning childbirth or pregnancy. A recent media coverage show cased the lack of midwives in the UK that means the mothers are not receiving proper medical care from the hospitals. Negligence during delivery not only risks the life of the mothers but at the same stakes the life of the new born baby. Today, throughout the UK, becoming pregnant has now become a daunting experience. The lack of care and errors from the medical fraternity has endangered the lives of both the mothers and the babies. The increasing number of medical error claims and popularity of the solicitors shows the number of damages caused to several lives as a result of ignorance. Scan through the following to know the reasons behind rising of such clinical negligence claims.

  • Unhygienic care given to the expected mothers has developed further complications within them.
  • Wrong diagnosis and report lead to wrong medication developing health issues within the mothers that indirectly affected the newborn as well. Cases have been registered where the new born baby suffers from abnormal growth due to the effect of high-power antibiotics given to the mothers at the time of pregnancy.
  • Spillage on the hospital floors have resulted in slip and trip accidents that either lead to stillbirths or complicated the pregnancy.
  • Negligence during the delivery has lead to deaths of endless mothers and have also resulted brain injuries caused to the new born. The expecting parents wait long for their babies but receiving news of their unhealthy condition they feel traumatic. Such type of cases is claimable.
  • Post-delivery complications have become prominent as well. Excessive dosages of powerful medicines might develop irregular menstruation problems, skin rashes, irritations, prolonged headaches etc.
  • Using unhygienic delivery equipments might lead to severe infections that can even lead to death beds.
  • Unhealthy hospital atmosphere might spread diseases amongst the patients thereby, complicating the normal pregnancy period.
  • Mistakes made during delivery may also cause cerebral palsy to the newborn thereby, affecting the family for life long.

During the tenure of pregnancy the woman’s body becomes very delicate thus, it gets affected quickly in unhygienic and unhealthy environment. It is the prime duty of the hospital management to provide them utmost care that they deserve and if they fail to do so the case is bound get registered under medical negligence. The expecting parents expends a lot after the medical care of both the mothers and the babies and if against that they receive ignorance that can never be tolerated. Those guilty should be dragged to the court and made penalized for ignoring the code of conduct of the medical rules and regulations.

If you are amongst the one of such victimized mothers or parents you have all the right to get payouts of the damages that are endured by you and the newborn  For receiving such payouts you might take the legal assistance of the innumerable solicitors in the UK.

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