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In spite of the UK boasting of its high quality medical treatment and healthcare standards, the number of medical negligence instances is rising consistently causing great suffering to the victims. Most of the clinical negligence cases are the results of the carelessness of the medical practitioners, surgeons, nurses and midwives. When the doctors fail to find out the right reason behind a medical symptom and offer wrong treatment to give rise to newer health problems, the instance is described as a medical negligence. The doctors have medical negligence solicitorsreasons to justify their mistakes. From the point of view of a medical practitioner, doctors are human beings and the mistakes can be perceived as human errors. However, a small mistake on the part of the doctors can lead to serious consequences and, in certain instances, can prove fatal.

The scapegoats of the clinical negligence can venture out to file medical negligence claims to indemnify their losses. There is no doubt about the fact that the physical harm caused by medical malpractice cannot be recompensed, but the financial loss suffered due to the doctor’s mistake can be compensated with the monetary compensation received. In order to ensure maximum compensation, you can consider availing the legal support provided by the specialist solicitors in the domain.

Some of the clinical negligence cases occur quite often. Let us focus on the most common cases of medical malpractice claims:

  • Birth Injury Claims: Birth injury claims are one of the most common claims filed in the United Kingdom. Birth injuries are mostly caused by the carelessness and lack of responsibility of the midwives present during the c-section. Birth injuries include cerebral palsy, infant death and Brachial Plexus. The mothers giving birth to the babies often suffer from episiotomy complications and vaginal tears due to the negligence of the surgeons. Those suffering from these injuries can rightfully file compensation claims and approach the medical negligence solicitors for legal advice.
  • Untreated Fractures: Untreated fractures also often lead to tremendous suffering. Fractures, if misdiagnosed or left untreated, can cause disability. Moreover, if it is an instance of neck or shoulder fracture, the patient might have to endure dire consequences. Those encountering such misdiagnosis can move forward to file a claim.
  • Amputations: The most frustrating thing is perhaps suffered by the people who undergo a wrong amputation. In the United Kingdom, many instances have been recorded where the doctors amputating an arm or a leg later found out that there was no requirement for it to be eliminated at all.

If you have sustained a medical negligence in the near future, you can consider approaching an expert no win no fee solicitor to look after your case. A professional lawyer will first assess your case and check if the case at all has the possibility of winning compensation. He then gathers the required documents needed to evidence the authenticity of the damages received and places the case in the court for proceedings.

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