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Medical Negligence Solicitors: How Their Modus Operandi Differs from the Accidents at work Solicitors

Laypeople often think that the medical negligence solicitors are no different from the other sorts of personal injury solicitors. This is quite natural because the idea of personal injury litigation is also not clear to many people. That the medical negligence compensation claim experts are very different from other sorts of personal injury compensation claim experts is a largely unknown fact. But to put it straight, the modus operandi of these solicitors is quite different from the workplace accident or road accident solicitors. If we take the standard practices of the workplace accident solicitors and compare with that of the medical negligence compensation claim experts, we can easily find the difference.

Requisite documents are different

The workplace accident compensation claim experts ask for various documents and evidences including the photographs of the accident scene, the CCTV recordings etc. In case of accidents at work, it is important to check these evidences to find out the real cause behind these mishaps. But for a medical negligence victim, these evidences are useless. His past medical records and the medical check-up reports that he must obtain from another physician (not the negligent one) would prove the medical malpractice. There are solicitors who also ask for CCTV recordings from the hospital authority as it is required in some cases but generally, the victimized patients do not require gathering those details.

Relationship is established

That the accused doctor had a liability of treating the patient and curing him is a universally established fact and a legal expert can easily find out whether the negligent doctor breached his duty of care or not which greatly varies from how duty of care and breach of the same is established in work accident compensation claim cases. after an accident at work, it is examined who was in charge of a faulty equipment and whether he was negligent in taking proper care of the same or who was assigned a task on an urgent basis but did not complete it. In accidents at work compensation claims cases, mostly the employers and the concerned departments are accused. But it is a matter of finding whereas, on the other hand, relationship between a doctor and a patient is already established a fact.

Different areas of expertise

As previously mentioned, the areas of expertise of the medical negligence solicitors and the work accident compensation claim experts largely differ. The clinical negligence lawyers take reference NHS (National Health Service) Litigation Authority data whereas the work accident compensation lawyers can be found more interested in HSE and RIDDOR reports. Both are personal injury lawyers, but their area and scope of expertise largely differ.

However, many of the medical negligence solicitors have started working on no win no fee basis now which is good news for the medical negligence victims. On the other hand, you will find many work accident no win no fee lawyers. Whichever solicitor you choose, do not forget to check whether the solicitors are accredited by the SRA or Solicitors regulation Authority.

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