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Medical Negligence Solicitors Rue the Healthcare Debacle in the Country

The United Kingdom has recently seen a huge variety of medical negligence cases. There have been cases when the patient had been left unattended by the doctors after he had been admitted to a hospital. There have also been cases when then patient had been misdiagnosed and sent back home with the statement that his ailment was a trivial one, when in reality it has been life threatening. There have also been cases- and these are the most horrifying ones- when the patient had been misdiagnosed and treated according to the incorrect diagnosis for months. The danger of this situation cannot be emphasised upon enough; there are simply too many dangers here. As the result of an incorrect diagnosis, the patient might have to face months and years of further treatment; not to mention the damages that would have been inflicted upon his body upon the consumption of a host of unnecessary medicines. Naturally as a result, a lot of people have started to consult their medical negligence solicitors, which has resulted in a huge boom in the business of these solicitors all over the United Kingdom.

Despite all the financial possibilities that these solicitors are enjoying due to the situation, a lot mangy of them cannot help wishing that things had been different; or less serious in the least. A casual talk with any of these solicitors will reveal untold horrors within the healthcare system of the country. Understaffed hospitals, increasingly expensive treatments and a whole lot of other issues plague the healthcare system of the United Kingdom today, and there is no saying as to how much problems are being faced by the people who have contracted some sort of an ailment. There are simply too may dangers involved today in getting oneself admitted to a hospital, thanks to the fact that a severe cash crunch has left the centres understaffed and, more dangerously, staffed with some semi-trained doctors. The legal system has done nothing to help the situation; on the contrary, it has been instrumental in bringing about this situation: the Health and Social Care Act, recently passed, has meant that the government has cut down on its aid and funding of the National Health Service, which has put the organisation into a financial tight spot. The lack of funds has caused the organisation to cut down on its expenses drastically, since it has been unable to put a price on the services that it provides, as that completely undermines the very idea of the establishment of the organisation.

Naturally, situations have become a lot difficult for everyone in the country. The medical negligence solicitors speak of a lot of horror stories that the clients have been forced to face at the hands of their healthcare professionals. A remedy of the situation does not seem to be anywhere near to sight, while the government insists on stating that the healthcare profession is still a highly lucrative one, with no facts to support this statement, especially in light of the fact that hundreds of young doctors have chosen to sever ties with the previously most secure NHS jobs.

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