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Medical Negligence Solicitors to Guide You in Obtaining Justice for Your Child

medical negligence solicitorsEvery individual, at some point in his or her life, encounters an unfortunate incident that subjects him or her to immense suffering. At times, many of these incidents involve precisely no fault of the victim, who is but a prey to the negligence of some other person or entity. Different people handle the situations in varying ways while seeking for justice. However, planning takes a backseat and overwhelming emotions come to the forefront when your child happens to be injured as a consequence of the fault or rather carelessness of someone. Medical negligence, that is a breach of the duty of care on part of the medical professionals, can lead to severe child injuries that can bear more dire circumstances for the child in his later life. It is obvious for any person to get frustrated at the thought of his child being in pain as a result of medical malpractices though it is more important to find out ways of not just curing the child but also obtaining justice for him. Medical negligence claims can be filed and the apparent complications in the area can be dealt with by the assistance of the expert medical negligence solicitors.

Understanding Child Injuries Resulting from Medical Negligence

Clinical negligence resulting in child injuries is often difficult to be detected. In majority of the cases, carelessness in medical treatment of the children stems from the injuries sustained by the child right from the time of his birth. Alongside, delay in diagnosis of some disease and the subsequent childhood ailments can also be treated as case of negligence. Since, most of the damages to the child are caused at the time of birth; the claims made for these cases are also termed as birth injury claims. The carelessness might not always be a result of the wrong steps taken by a doctor but also nurses and even staffs that are not adequately trained. One of the most common child injuries detectable is the cerebral palsy, a problem that is triggered by a lack of oxygen. It is a sheer instance of extreme fault on part of the doctors and whoever had been assigned with the task of delivering the child.

Entitlement to Claim Compensation

Claims for compensation can certainly be filed in these instances and the solicitors are supposed to work on a no win no fee system, which relives the claimants from any sort of financial obligations. It is the medical negligence solicitors who guide the claimants on the subsequent steps to be taken in making the claim appear convincing, when presented before the defendants.

The Time Limit

The time limit applicable for filing the claims for child injuries is different from the other types. While for the other types of injury claims, it is three years from the date of the accident, for the birth injury claims, the parents of the child have the option of initiating the claim till the child completes 18 years of age. Once the victim turns 18, they have three more years to file claims themselves.

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